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• 8h

Flash season 5 episode 18 godspeed

Anybody else wish this would come out next Tuesday instead of 4 weeks later because I need to see that
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• 11h

Justice league

I will like to know if there are any new information on the second sequence
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• 14h

Tom King's Mister Miracle.

What did you guys think about this series? Personally, I liked it. And what was Metron saying in issue #11? Wasn't Scott Free in the universe he was talking about?
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• 1d

Application Problem

I've been having a problem with this app, and I don't know how to fix it...
I can post things (questions, discussions, etc), but I can't comment or +1 anything afterwards. The app asks me to sign in, and I try to... Unfortunately, it keeps telling me that I have to use a browser to sign in
Why does that happen? How can I fix this?
Help... Anyone...
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• 1d


Guys can you reccomend me a speedster comic serie or one shot ?
İt can be wally west or barry allen
(Reccomend the good ones so I can find ın Turkey)
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• 1d

Nerdy N8 Presents: 21Q Vol 1 3

Refer to the guidelines drafted and tweaked in the previous installment, linked below.

Annnnd go.
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• 1d

Anti-life equation

I was wondering, am generally new to most of this so am getting to read comics and stuff... But I need some info, has Darkseid ever possessed the anti-life equation and if so what did he end up doing with this knew "power"??
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• 2d

Batman: Hush.

Guys, does anyone else think hush is somewhat similar to the long halloween?
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• 2d

What is your favorite boss from the arkham games?

Mine has got to be deathstroke from arkham origins
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• 2d

Supergirl Book 1 by Peter David Review

Yes, I've FINALLY purchased it. The series has been being released in trade form since since 2016, and I FINALLY have book 1. Beforehand, I had purchased book 2 and 3, both of which I loved, but I've had trouble finding a good place to buy book 1, and now that I have, I can review it.

So, let's get started with the story: I'm still not a big fan of the "angelic Supergirl" idea, but I can live with it. The story revovles around how Mae/Matrix is somewhat empty, and ends up consuming Linda's life force as she is at the edge of death. Peter David really grounds the characters, and the environment they are in. David took real life events, the Satanic panic of the 80s and 90s, and applied it to a story that I'm sure upset a few religious people back in the day.

That said, the story itself, whether it be book 1, or 2, or 3, could be somewhat mature at times. In the first book, it handles things like rape/sexual assault, pornography, stanism, etc. and contains, at times, very graphic art. I'd like to mention this to describe how grounded David made Linda: Linda's father, Fred, has anger problems, but that gets touched on a little more in book 2 and 3, which I'll review as well. All you need to know that he can sometimes be outrageous and an ass. His dialogue with Linda feels very real and can really make you cringe, considering the fact that I myself have grown up with 3 sisters and 1 of them bickers with my father very oftenly, leading to a lot of yelling.

Speaking of art, I must say that I love Gary Frank. His art is excellent. It's very cartoon-ish, but it's a very good type of cartoon-ish. He's very detailed, and the coloring mixed with the art is some of the best I've seen. Very colorful, very detailed, fun, etc. what more can you ask regarding art?

I really love the balance between action and getting to know Linda's. You get to know her character as she develops, with enough action to not be bored with character development. I enjoy this grown-up version of Supergirl. Most of these writers don't know how to write teenage characters, or kids in general, and thankfully David found a way to satisfy everyone with a good story and Supergirl, even without it being Kara.

There is this one issue in the book about Mary Marvel being molested by a cop. I didn't know what to think. The final page of the issue, with the cop in his car crying, made me ask myself "is this guy innocent?", but now I know that it doesn't matter. Whether he did it or not, I think it was made to make people think about both sides of the story, because after all false allegations are true. But I'll avoid any more talk about the controversial parts of the rest of the series, no matter how hard it is since it's meant to be a mature run as it would seem.

Overall, I must say, that this book is excellent. This run on Supergirl, for me, is great, and I can't wait to read the rest of it. I'm going to give this book an 8/10.
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• 2d

Superman's Career Timeline

I was looking at a Batman's career timeline, from a Batman wikia, and wondered if there's one for Superman. I searched for it, but I had difficultly finding it.
I'm mainly interested in the hero's villains' chronological appearance (I hope you understand what I mean).

Could you guys/girls please help me find it? If possible, for other heroes too...
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• 2d

21 QUESTIONS ROUND XXIX. When you pay peanuts...

Let’s play 21 Questions. I’ll be your Quizmaster, Roscoe. Here today is my lovely assistant, Jonny, so it should be an exciting game!

The rules are diabolically simple. Roscoe’s chosen a character from the DCU, and through repeated questioning, you’ll deduce who it is. Easy. It’s not like I chose ‘The Presence’ or anything!😉

The questions must be in a format that can only be answered as yes, no or maybe.

As always with Roscoe Quizmastering (and Jonny assisting); there will be a few ‘Maybe’s - which means sometimes Yes and sometimes No.

Play the game as collegially as you’ve been in past matches, and we’ll all get along fine. Wait two turns before asking another question, unless...🕜🕝🕞
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• 3d

Justice League Dark Man -Bat

Man-Bat a mad scientist not a magic Man-Bat but he plugged into a science which is really gonna help the team as they come up against some of the villains like Upside-Down Man with his science there is he doing good thing he can do.

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• 4d

Catwoman Race Change

I hope this isn't too controversial of a subject. If so, let me know.

In Batman: Year One (Earth 31), Selina Kyle is African-American, but not in the rest of the Earth 31 adventures. What gives?

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• 4d

Will Superman year one take place in the Dark Knight universe

It's possible of Superman year one would take place in the Dark Knight Universe which we be set before Batman or him
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• 4d

Food for thought

With Doomsday Clock and Heroes in crisis wrapping up soon, it was revealed that Doomsday Clock will have its big reveal in issue 11 and issue 12 will serve as sort of an epilogue. What I think is interesting about this is that Doomsday 11 and HIC 9 (the finale) will release on the same day (5.22.19). The two series have to be connected to an extent, at least through Wally West.

Also (and this isn’t as important, but just interesting), but a fair amount of deaths during HIC were teen titans/titans. I only point this out because DC Rebirth (the issue) references the teen titans quite a bit. While I’m sure part of it was setting up future storylines, I think it’s fair to say the titans wouldn’t need much advertising to read.
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• 4d

One, 21 questions...

Top of the mornin to ya (well, some of ya, but probably not many)! Jonny’s back with the wee ole game ye love to hate! I know you’re all after me pot of the answer at the end of the rainbow, but you’ll have to bloody find it yourself! I’d wish ya luck, but with it bein what day ‘tis and all, I believe ya already got it 😉! 21 questions before they leave forever🕳,  21 questions before the line is severed✂️.  Will you be the postman when the answer is delivered✉️? Or will you be nocked asunder when empty is the quiver🏹?
Why you asking all them questions (Song only No intro)
Why you asking all them questions (Song only No intro) YouTube
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• 5d

Will Doom Patrol show up on Netflix

So if Titans was on Netflix is it possible that doom patrol will be on Netflix as well, I am not a fan of DC's streaming service because I prefer to watch it on Netflix and I know that there are people out there who prefer to see these show on Netflix not DC universe.

Also since most of the MCU TV shows got canceled It could be DC's big opportunity to put most of their shows on Netflix.

So what do you think will Doom patrol be on Netflix let me know in the comments below.

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• 5d

Speculation: C.C. Batson may become the seventh Shazam.

So, in the latest ''Shazam!'' story arc so far, Billy's father, C.C. Batson, showed up at the foster home while the Shazam Family is having an adventure in the Magiclands, but he hasn't done anything of note yet, nor do we know why he's showing up now. However, the solicitations for future issues imply he has an important role to play:

* Excerpt of solicitation for issue #4: ''Plus, the shocking ending to issue #1 could up end Billy’s new family…or make it stronger than ever.''

* Solicitation for issue #6: ''Billy Batson finds himself face to face with the one person who could tear apart his family: his father! But when Billy discovers the trouble he’s father is in and the reason he’s sought him out, he’ll have to not only use the power of Shazam to help him, but also fend off the lethal team of Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind!''

And of course, there's the cryptic solicitation for issue #7: ''“Shazam and the Seven Magiclands” continues as the shocking new member of the Shazam family is revealed! This mystery person will send shock waves through the entire cast!''

Now, the issue #4 solicitation's claim that Billy's father could make the foster family "stronger than ever" is interesting, so I speculate that whatever the reason C.C. has returned to Billy's life for (might be related to Mr. Mind's plot to conquer the Magiclands), Billy's going to end up sharing his power with him, if their familial relationship is intact. After all, "family is what it can be, not what it should be".

We'll know more about what role C.C. Batson may end up having next week, when the fourth issue comes out.

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• 5d

Lobdell's Superman??

I know I may be opening up some sore wounds, because Lobdell's Superman wasn't well loved by people here. If it was any good, I probably wouldn't be posting this in the first place...

Enough beating around the bush. Scott Lobdell's Superman is one of the most forgettable comics I've ever read. Recently, I was reading some of the Superboy/Supergirl tie-ins to H'el on Earth which made me ask myself, "What the heck happened in Lobdell's run anyway?" I remember up to H'el on Earth, but after that don't remember much.

Does anyone mind filling my gaps?

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