'Eth Alth'eban is the sacred city of the League of Assassins.


'Eth Alth'eban is the sacred city of the League of Assassins.

At the center of a maze of canyons somewhere in the desert of the Arabian peninsula, Ra's al Ghul first built the city he called 'Eth Alth'eban. Within its walls, the League of Assassins took shape, and from its walls they emerged to take on the world.

The city is underground, in a cavern lit by a large magical device which functions as an artificial sun. The artificial sun is held by a colossal statue of Ra's al Ghul.

The city is filled by lush greenery, high technology and classically-inspired Arabian architecture. It is a model for the eco-utopia Ra's al Ghul wishes the rest of the world to be, and every person within it is either a trained assassin or a facilitator of some kind. As such it is a bustling market place, where hired killers can advertise themselves for hire, buy and sell weaponry, and stay abreast of trade gossip.

If at any time the entire al Ghul family is dead, then control of the League of Assassins devolves to a council of advisors, who reside here.

The city is protected by strong magic designed to keep out the Untitled.

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