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* The Wizard Mamaragan agreed to release his long-imprisoned former champion Black Adam on the request of the heroes Hippolyta, the Viking Prince and Swamp Thing. The four banded toget

The 10th Century includes all events that took place from January 1st of 901 to December 31st of 1000.


Undesignated Time


  • The first recorded time when Fairyland and Earth dimensions coincided, allowing passage between these worlds for 24 hours. It inspired well-known fairy tales.[2]


  • Captain Olaf discovered a young lad floating on a log at sea who has no memory of his true name or identity. Sardluk, watching them from afar, recognized the lad and reported to Baron Thorvald who ordered his men to kill the boy. The boy fended off the soldiers with a sword, with which he discovered he was proficient. Captain Olaf's daughter Gunnda was so impressed with the boy's bravery that she named him Jon the Viking Prince, after a famed Viking hero.[3]




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