The 17th Century includes all events that took place from January 1st of year 1601 to December 31st of 1700.


The 17th Century includes all events that took place from January 1st of year 1601 to December 31st of 1700.


  • The Atom travels through the Time Pool to the Netherlands in the home of Jan Lippershey, where he witnesses the invention of the telescope, as well as sees Harry Hudson's struggles trying to get England to approve a voyage to find a faster route to India. Ultimately the Atom helps Hudson and Lippershey ward off representatives of France who have been trying to force Hudson to work for them.[1]



  • Arion the Immortal is living the life of an aristocrat in Paris, France under the name Vicomte Jean-Simon Giscard D'Arion. He awakens from a prophetic dream and speaks the words, "Camelot falls". Disturbed by his vision, Arion uses a crystal ball to peer into the future.[3]



  • Alienor Frych writes the Book of Gotham detailing the life and death of her friend Amity Arkham who was burnt to death for witchcraft in colonial New Jersey, and containing at least one spell to summon Amity's vengeful ghost.[4]


  • Tituba, likely an African slave, gives birth to her daughter, Violet. Present is John, a Native American and possibly the father, as well as an unnamed African woman who is chanting throughout the birth. The woman's eyes are glowing and claims the world will soon learn how special she is.[5]
  • Hob Gadling meets Dream once again, revealing with dismay that he has "hated every second of the last eighty years" after losing his wife, son, and fortune. But he is not ready to die.[6]


  • Four young girls, seemingly possessed, dance naked around a fire. There are suspicions that the girls are witches but, when Mister Parris confronts one of the girls, Tituba, holding and smiling at 3-year old Violet, claims to be the witch and that there is "no one else to blame."[5]
  • Alienor Frych dies and is buried on what will later become the grounds of Gotham Academy.[7]


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