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=== Date Unknown ===
* [[Desire]] of the [[Endless]] rapes the sleeping [[Unity Kincaid]], impregnating her. This sets into motion a chain of events that will culiminate with the death of Desire's brother [[Dream]].<ref><small>''[[Sandman Vol 2 1|Sandman (Volume 2) #1]]''</small></ref>
* Gangsters murder a bootlegger named Peter. Peter's lover, Alice Cohen, desires revenge and collaborates with her friends, Han and Rabbi Reva to animate a stone golem with a mystical tome known as the ''Sefer Yetzirah''. The immortal golem later becomes known as the [[Monolith (New Earth)|Monolith]].<ref><small>''[[Monolith 1|Monolith #1]]''</small></ref>

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The following creative talent are known to have been born in 1932:


The following comic titles debuted with a 1932 cover date:

  • No comics debuted in 1932.

The following Comic titles were last published with a 1932 cover date:

  • No comics were cancelled in 1932.

The following One Shots were published with a 1932 cover date:

  • No One Shots were published in 1932.


The following characters debuted with a 1932 cover date:

  • No characters debuted in 1932.


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