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The following creative talent are known to have been born in 1966:

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The following comic titles debuted with a 1966 cover date:

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The following characters debuted with a 1966 cover date:


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The following events were published by DC Comics in the year 1966. This does not necessarily indicate that these storylines took place in the year 1966. The passage of time in the DC Universe is nebulous and subject to change and interpretation. Events from historical time periods are indexed under their corresponding years.



Event Source Date
Aquababy finds a serum that ages him into an "Aquaboy". Aquaman #25 2.66
The immortal Mongul Tamerkhan imprisons Aquaman and takes over Atlantis. He is rescued by his son Aquababy who has been aged into a teenager. Note: He returns to normal soon after. Aquaman #25 2.66
Metamorpho, Java, Sapphire Stagg and Simon Stagg go to Mexico where they become involved in a revolution against the dictator El Lupo and his cohort Cha-Cha Chavez. They succeed in ousting El Lupo and Metamorpho engages in a bull fight. Metamorpho #4 2.66
A séance releases the Spectre from the body of Jim Corrigan for the first time in several decades. Note: 1st Silver Age appearance of the Spectre. Showcase #60 2.66
The demon Azmodus leaves the host body of Paul Nevers and battles the Spectre. The Spectre abandons Azmodus in the astral plane. Showcase #60 2.66



Event Source Date
Simon Stagg turns Edifice K. Bulwark into a second Metamorpho. Bulwark uses his resources to make a skyscraper come to live and begin attacking the city. The real Metamorpho fights his successor and helps to bring the renegade skyscraper to heel. Metamorpho #5 4.66



Event Source Date
Gambler Achille La Heele kidnaps Simon Stagg and blackmails Metamorpho into comitting various crimes for him, including stealing the Eiffel Tower. Metamorpho ultimately rescues Stagg and defeats La Heele. Metamorpho #6 6.66



Event Source Date
Metamorpho rescues Simon Stagg from Doctor Otto von Stuttgart's volcano lair on the isle of Tarboli. He destroys Stuttgart's drilling operation which threatens to wreak geological upheaval. Metamorpho #7 8.66



Event Source Date
Metamorpho infiltrates Doc Dread's criminal organization under the Dyna-Man. Java betrays Metamorpho, revealing his true identity to Dread, but Metamorpho still manages to defeat him. Metamorpho #8 10.66



Event Source Date
Metamorpho travels to the Valley That Time Forgot in South America where he fights up against dictator El Matanzas and his alien robots. Metamorpho #9 12.66

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