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The following creative talent are known to have been born in 1968:

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The following comic titles debuted with a 1968 cover date:

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The following events were published by DC Comics in the year 1968. This does not necessarily indicate that these storylines took place in the year 1968. The passage of time in the DC Universe is nebulous and subject to change and interpretation. Events from historical time periods are indexed under their corresponding years.

Date Unknown

Event Source Date
Alexander Burgess develops an interest in Kundalini, Yoga, astral travel and Tantric sex. His Order of Ancient Mysteries becomes part of the hippie counterculture. Sandman (Volume 2) #1 1.89



Event Source Date
The Scavenger faces Aquaman for the first time. He kidnaps Aquaman's family and forces him to locate a Time Decelerator for him. However, the device de-ages the Scavenger into nothingness. Aquaman #37 2.68
Mr. Shadow manipulates Metamorpho into going to the fabled city of Ma-Phoor in Ethiopia. Queen Jezeba, believing that Metamorpho is the reincarnation of her lost love Algon, forces him to become her consort. Ultimately, Jezeba's plans to invade the rest of the world fail and she dies. Metamorpho #16 2.68



Event Source Date
A villain known as the Prosecutor frames Metamorpho for the murder of Wally Bannister (husband of Sapphire Stagg). The true murderer is Algon, a being similar to Metamorpho. The two fight one another and Algon dies in a bed of lava. Metamorpho #17 4.68









Event Source Date
Captain Zahl and Madame Rouge threaten to blow up the town of Codsville, Maine, unless the Doom Patrol agrees to sacrifice themselves instead. Refusing to let any innocents die, the Doom Patrol give their lives to save a town of fourteen people. Note: Later stories will reveal that all of the Doom Patrol members actually survive the explosion. Doom Patrol #121 10.68

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