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The following creative talent are known to have been born in 1977:

The following creative talent passed away in the year 1977:


The following comic titles debuted with a 1977 cover date:

The following Comic titles were last published with a 1977 cover date:

The following One Shots were published with a 1977 cover date:

  • No One Shots were published in 1977.


The following characters debuted with a 1977 cover date:


The following teams debuted with a 1977 cover date:

Character deaths

The following characters died in publishing year 1977.



The following events were published by DC Comics in the year 1977. This does not necessarily indicate that these storylines took place in the year 1977. The passage of time in the DC Universe is nebulous and subject to change and interpretation. Events from historical time periods are indexed under their corresponding years.






Event Source Date
Faora Hu-Ul escapes from the Phantom Zone and fights with Superman. She also begins haunting Clark Kent's neighbor, Jackson Porter. Action Comics #471 5.77
Clark Kent meets an heir living in Pennsylvania named Lionel Maxwell. Maxwell bears a strong resemblance to Kent himself. Kent convinces Maxwell to use his inheritance to help the poverty-stricken community. Action Comics #471 5.77



Event Source Date
Black Manta kidnaps Arthur Curry, Jr. and seals him within a poisonous tube that eventually kills him. Adventure Comics #452 7.77



Event Source Date
Aquaman tracks down Black Manta to avenge the death of his son, Arthur Curry, Jr.. After escaping from several of Manta's traps, he finally apprehends him with some help from one of Manta's own men, Cal Durham. Aquaman #57 9.77



Event Source Date
The Fisherman traps Aquaman inside the Aquacave and takes him to the Curry Lighthouse and leaves him to die. Aquaman escapes however and begins tracking the Fisherman. Aquaman #58 11.77


Event Source Date
Deadshot uses cellmate Penguin's laser monocle to escape from prison. Detective Comics #474 12.77
The ghost of Hugo Strange appears before Rupert Thorne terrorizing him once again. Detective Comics #474 12.77
Batman fights Deadshot atop a giant typewriter at the Gotham City Convention Center. Detective Comics #474 12.77
Silver St. Cloud discovers that Bruce Wayne is the Batman. Detective Comics #474 12.77

Alternate Realities

Starfire Vol 1 1.jpg

Event Source Date
Starfire rescues a mute slave from the alien Mygorg. Naming him Thump, he joins her band of rebels. Starfire #3 1.77
Starfire rescues her friends from Lady Djinn at the Citadel of the Lightning Lords. The Citadel's computer network, Keeper, self-destructs, destroying the building. Starfire #7 9.77

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