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1992 began with a "Panic in the Sky" that saw the return of one of Superman's most dangerous foes - Brainiac. Brainac's quest to subjugate the Earth brought together nearly every active hero in the DC Universe and resulted in the death of Draaga, a minor, but critical character from the Superman mythos. Brainiac was not the only villain to make a comeback in early 1992. The Ventriloquist and Scarface also resurfaced to plague Batman in a three-part story-arc appropriately titled, "The Return of Scarface". This storyline took two relatively low-key villains and propelled them into the spotlight of notoriety shared by many of Batman's recurring adversaries. More significantly, this storyline also introduced the character of Renée Montoya, a detective for the Gotham City Police Department who becomes a longstanding supporting cast member in the Batverse and ultimately assumes the guise of the Question. Another critical story that took place in 1992 was the "Breakdowns" story-arc, a fifteen-chapter serial which ran through alternating issues of Justice League America and Justice League Europe. This storyline focused on the attempted assassination of League liaison Maxwell Lord and a fight with the otherwordly Extremists. Following this event, League member Elongated Man was featured in his own four-issue limited series that took him on a tour of Europe. 1992's Annuals comprised a theme event called "Eclipso: The Darkness Within" which pitted the major characters of the DC Universe against the menace of Eclipso. The former teen super-heroes, the Titans, had troubles of their own in 1992 as they were forced to confront a futuristic band of Team Titans and the powerful son of Donna Troy and Terry Long in "Total Chaos".


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Event Source Date
Barely surviving the bombing of Poseidonis, Aquaman goes to Oumland to negotiate a treaty. Aquaman (Volume 4) #2 1.92


Event Source Date
Superman rounds up some fringe elements of Intergang and delivers them to the Metropolis SCU. Action Comics #674 2.92
With Poseidonis unprotected, Aquaman must save the Atlanteans, including King Thesily from schools of bloodthirsty sharks. Aquaman (Volume 4) #3 2.92
Panic in the Sky: Brainiac controls Supergirl's mind and has her go to Kletus-4 to fight against Draaga. Action Comics #674 2.92
King Firft of Tritonis sends the warrior Iqula to lead an army to conquer the vulnerable Poseidonis. Aquaman (Volume 4) #3 2.92


Event Source Date
Panic in the Sky: Brainiac sends his Head Ship via remote control to Earth to raze Metropolis. Superman fights the ship and ultimately pitches it into the river, but this is just a distraction, buying Brainiac time to move Warworld closer to Earth. Superman: The Man of Steel #9 3.92
Iqula leads an army to "protect" Poseidonis and enters into one-on-one combat with Aquaman. Aquaman defeats Iqula and the mer-man agrees to leave the people of Poseidonis alone. Aquaman (Volume 4) #4 3.92


Event Source Date
Aquaman encounters the whaler Queequeg for the second time and soundly defeats him. Aquaman (Volume 4) #5 4.92
Titans Hunt: Aquaman takes an injured Aqualad from S.T.A.R. Labs and brings him to a hospital in Poseidonis. Aquaman (Volume 4) #5 4.92


Event Source Date
Black Manta attacks Poseidonis using the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. Aquaman fights him, but suffers a near-fatal injury. Aquaman (Volume 4) #6 5.92
John Constantine continues to investigate the actions of a member of the British royal family who is possessed by a demon. Holding a séance at the Caligula Club, John determines that the demon is Carabraxis. Hellblazer #53 5.92


Event Source Date
Thanatos begins tormenting Aquaman from his native realm with dreams of guilt and torment. Aquaman (Volume 4) #7 6.92
Swamp Thing feeds Abigail Holland a blossom from Lady Jane, and through osmosis, Abby learns all about Jane's origins from the 19th century. Swamp Thing v.2 #120 6.92


Event Source Date
Jordan Wylie hires Nicodemus, apprentice to the NKVDemon, to assassinate Aquaman. Aquaman teams up with Batman to defeat him. Nicodemus is later killed for his failure. Aquaman (Volume 4) #8 7.92



Event Source Date
Donna Troy and her husband Terry Long give birth to their son Robert. Team Titans #1 9.92
Total Chaos: The Team Titans attempt to assasinate Donna Troy and her infant son Robert, fearing that he will grow up to become the futuristic despot Lord Chaos. After several conflicts with the New Titans, the two teams decide to join forces in order to fight Chaos directly. Donna Troy is seemingly killed, but reborn with the full power of her godlike heritage. The Titans of Myth intervene and destroy Lord Chaos, and Donna relinquishes all of her powers. Total Chaos 9.92-11.92




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