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The following events were published by DC Comics in the year 1997. This does not necessarily indicate that these storylines took place in the year 1997. The passage of time in the DC Universe is nebulous and subject to change and interpretation. Events from historical time periods are indexed under their corresponding years.


Event Source Date
An armada of White Martians attack the Justice League Satellite. The team escapes, but Metamorpho is rendered inert during planetfall and is presumed dead. JLA #1 1.97
Coming Out: The Teen Titans team up with Nightwing, Robin and Captain Marvel, Jr. to rescue Supergirl and Fringe from the forces of Pylon and the The Veil. The Titans learns that Fringe is a hybrid like them. Teen Titans v.2 #4-5 1.97-2.97
New World Order: White Martians, disguised as the heroic Hyperclan arrive on Earth and turn public opinion against the Justice League. The JLA eventually learn that this is but the first phase of a full Martian invasion. They succeed in defeating the Hyperclan and alerting Earth's populace on how to defeat the invaders using fire. In short order, the Martian invasion is repelled. JLA #1-4 1.97-4.97



Event Source Date
The Teen Titans relocate their HQ to an apartment above the Knock Out Video. Note: Takes place in January. Teen Titans v.2 #6 3.97
The Teen Titans try to track down the Veil, but only discovered an abandoned citadel rigged to explode. Note: Takes place in January. Teen Titans v.2 #6 3.97


Event Source Date
Using debris from the old Justice League satellite, the reformed JLA erect the Justice League Watchtower on Earth's moon. JLA #4 4.97
Dark Nemesis: Pylon hires Dark Nemesis to bait and capture the Teen Titans. The two teams fight in Minneapolis and the Titans are defeated. The Atom arrives, rescues them, and together they turn the tables on their foes. Teen Titans v.2 #7-8 4.97-5.97


Event Source Date
Prysm is injured during her fight against Dark Nemesis. Argent tries to heal her, but the power surge rockets Prysm to Skartaris. Teen Titans v.2 #8 5.97


Event Source Date
The Lost World of Skartaris: The Teen Titans land in Skartaris and team-up with the Warlord to fight Motalla. Motalla steals the power of Jennifer Morgan and Prysm, but the heroes rescue Morgan who forces Motalla to return Prysm's power back to her. Motalla ages into an old crone. Teen Titans v.2 #9-11 6.97-8.97


Event Source Date
Aquaman defeats Triton in one-on-one combat. As punishment for humiliating a God, Triton's father Poseidon blinds Aquaman. Aquaman (Volume 5) #34 7.97


Event Source Date
Aquaman teams up with Animal Man to rescue Animals Mans' daughter Maxine from the Gamesman. Aquaman (Volume 5) #35 8.97


Event Source Date
Tempest convinces King Iqula of Tritonis to release the Poseidonians from indentured servitude. The Atlanteans return to Poseidonis. Aquaman (Volume 5) #36 9.97
Tempest begins having a romantic affair with Dolphin. Aquaman learns of this and sees it as a betrayal. Aquaman (Volume 5) #36 9.97
The T-Jet crashes in Lost Junction, Canada. The Teen Titans are trapped by a witch and her community of cannibals. At first they steal the Titans' powers, but Prysm (along with the ghost of a Colonial settler) frees them. Note: Takes place after Teen Titans #11. Teen Titans v.2 Annual #1 9.97
Titans: Then & Now: Haze kidnaps Omen and his father Loren Jupiter and baits the Teen Titans and the original Titans into a trap. Using his illusion-casting abilities, he manipulates the two groups into fighting one another. They soon break through the illusions, team-up and defeat Haze, but at the cost of Joto's life. Teen Titans v.2 #12-15 9.97-1.98




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