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* The aging Tomahawk retired from adventuring at around this time.

The 19th Century includes all events that took place from January 1st of year 1801 to December 31st of 1900.


Pre-Flashpoint Chronology


  • The aging Tomahawk retired from adventuring at around this time.[1]




  • Max Mercury was granted superhuman speed by a Blackfoot shaman. He used his powers for protecting the natives and the settlers from one another, as Ahwehota, or as he was better known, Windrunner.[5]
  • November 1st: Jonah Hex was born to Woodson and Virginia "Ginny" Hex.[6]


  • In the '1840's Fernando Suarez, a nobleman from Spain, became the costumed adventurer "El Castigo" ("The Whip"). He became a local legend in and around Seguro, New Mexico, where his whip and costume were kept in a church until 1939, when a descendant Rodrigo "Rodney" Gaynor took them and also become a masked hero.[7]


  • Silas and Abigail Kent gave birth to their third son, Joel William.[8], [4]


  • Silas and Abigail Kent gave birth to their fourth son, Owen.[9], [4]



  • The family of Bat Lash was tricked into selling their land to Melvin Midas. While young Bat tried to get the Sheriff to help, Midas' men burned down the houses of the Lashes and Gannons, killing all the adults. Bat escorted his sister, Melissa, and his then-girlfriend, Bitsy Gannon, to a nearby convent, then tracked down the remainder of Midas' men. Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, Bat's younger brother, Tom, was helped to escape by a family friend, and grew up to be a bounty hunter, unable to recall his birth family.[11]


  • Baltimore, Maryland: The Atom arrived via the Time Pool and witnessed a gold robbery. He secretly helped a public carrier in clearing his name. The carrier called in his old friend, writer Edgar Allan Poe, to help solve the mystery. During the course of this adventure, it was learned that the gold was never delivered to the horse carriage; it was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the shipping company, who gave a false trunk instead of the one filled with gold.[12]


  • Jeremiah Newman was born. In 1870 he would be murdered by Cyrus Gold.[13]


  • Aleister Huston lost his family fortune. He and his wife Alicia were forced to abandon their home and settle in Sheffield. Alicia began working in a textile mill. Her husband died shortly after the birth of their second child. A fire burned down the row home where Alicia was staying. Alicia tried to rescue her children, but she caught fire and fell into the river. She emerged as the new plant elemental known as Lady Jane and became a member of the Parliament of Trees.[14]


  • April 3rd: Silas, Nate and Jeb Kent helped Harriet Tubman move freed slaves north into Canada.[4]
  • April 24th: Silas Kent was invited to join the Emigrant Aid Society at the behest of Daniel Anthony. He sold his print-shop to neighbor David Bowes and prepared to leave for Kansas with his sons Nate and Jeb.[4]
  • July 17th: The Kents took a steamer from Boston to Missouri.[4]
  • July 28th: The Kents arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, where they encountered pro-slavery activist Luther Reid for the first time.[4]
  • August 4th: The Kents befriended Charles L. Robinson, an abolitionist who helped them along their journey down the Santa Fe Trail.[4]
  • August 10th: The Kents reached the territory of Lawrence, Kansas, and begin building a new home for themselves.[4]
  • November 29th: The people of Lawrence, Kansas, elected their territorial representative to congress. Missourian Luther Reid brought a bunch of brigands over from Missouri to stuff the ballots in favor of a pro-slavery representative.[4]


  • March 1st: Silas Kent met political activist John Henry Lane.[4]
  • November 11th: Silas Kent was shot in the back and killed after returning to his print shop from an evening at the territorial legislature. His sons, Nate and Jeb, believed that their rival Luther Reid was responsible for their father's death.[4]
  • December 12th: Luther Reid and his pro-slavery Missourians prepared to lay siege to Lawrence, Kansas. The Kent brothers were ready to defend themselves should the need arise.[15]


  • March 7th: Abigail Kent passed away. Her son Nate traveled to Boston to collect her remains, so that she could be laid to rest next to her husband, Silas.[15]
  • April 3rd: Nathaniel Kent met Wild Bill Hickok. Wild Bill helped Nate to sneak past a group of Missouri border ruffians.[15]
  • April 10th: Nathaniel Kent was asked to join the Free State Legislature in Topeka.[15]
  • April: Nathaniel Kent made a case to President Franklin Pierce to admit Kansas into the union as a Free State. Pierce buckled under political pressure and refused to support Kent's initiative. Kent took his case to senator Charles Sumner.[15]


  • February 23: Bat Lash won the deed to a New Orleans brothel during a supposedly fixed card game on a Mississippi River paddleboat. A woman named Lavender took the deed and pushed Bat overboard. He walked to New Orleans.[16]
  • February 24: The first Mardi Gras parade was held in New Orleans by the Krewe of Comus. They began the tradition of presenting a parade with floats and following it with a ball for the krewe and their guests. Bat Lash found Lavender, in order to reclaim his deed, and learned that the brothel contained hidden confederate gold. During a confrontation, the brothel burned down, molten gold was discovered, and the brothel was barricaded by the law.[17]


  • September: Joshua Norton, a failed San Francisco businessman, was inspired by Dream to declare himself "Emperor Norton I of the United States and Protector of Mexico."[18]


  • Jonah Hex enlisted in the newly formed Confederate Army as a lieutenant in the 4th Cavalry.
  • October: Caleb Driscoll led a group of 400 settlers across the Pacific Northwest into Canada. The traveling was difficult and the settlers were encumbered by poor weather.[19]


  • January: The settlers from the Driscoll expedition were snowed in and forced to set up a camp in Northern Canada. Completely isolated from civilization, they began to starve.[19]
  • January: The infamous Fort Charlotte massacre took place, leading to Jonah Hex egregiously being branded a traitor.[20]
  • April: The starving members of the Driscoll expedition turned to cannibalism. Their first victim was Caleb Driscoll. One of them was a witch named Polly who cast a spell, that granted the survivors increased longevity, so long as they continued to eat human flesh.[19]
  • April: The Driscoll settlement was incorporated and became known as Lost Junction. The cannibal settlers lived there in secret for more than a hundred years.[19]
  • September: President Abraham Lincoln announced his Emancipation Proclamation, that would outlaw slavery in all slave-holding states.[21]


  • Possible birth date of Morris Burgess Brocklesby (later known as Roderick Burgess). One source cites his birth date as 1873.[22]
  • May 2nd: Confederate cavalry soldier Jonah Hex mistook General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson for an enemy soldier and shot him. Jackson died from his injuries eight days later.[23]


  • September: Joshua Norton proclaimed Mark Twain as the official story teller to the United States of America for the duration of his moral lifetime.[18]


  • Young Cyrus Gold witnessed the murder of his unscrupulous father at the hands of a rival mobster. His body was tossed into Gotham Harbor.[24]
  • Seven Texas Rangers tracked down Jason Blood for the massacre of several prisoners after the Battle of Gettysburg. Jason killed his trackers with a pistol given to him by Etrigan.[25]


  • Black Bison and his cult fought against the forces of Santa Ana, and pushed his army back into the Rio Grande.[26]


  • Cyrus Gold murdered Jeremiah Newman in order to get close to Newman's widow, Pearl.[13]
  • Frankenstein's monster battled Melmoth's Circus of Maggots, and beheaded their master on a moving train.[27]


  • October 8: The Great Chicago Fire: Atom arrived in 1871 (via the Time Pool) in Chicago following resident Henry Norton, who had built a Time Machine to travel to the future (Atom's "present"), in order to steal newspapers to make himself rich (by betting on horseraces). Instead he learned that he was destined to die in a fire that very day. He inadvertently helped start the fire, and perished in it. The Atom returned all stolen materials to his own era.[28]


  • November (early): Jason Blood and Otto von Hammer hired German mercenaries to raid the home of Lazarus Lane, in the hopes of seeing the power of the Claw of Aelkhünd.[26]
  • November 7th: Wise Owl used a piece of amber containing the essence of the time-lost Swamp Thing to repel the forces of Jason Blood's mercenaries. He also used it to trap Black Bison inside of a tree. He captured Johnny Thunder and tried to manipulate him into killing his nephew, who was in possession of the Claw of Aelkhünd, the only thing that could free the Swamp Thing. Super-Chief, Madame .44, Bat Lash, and Firehair joined forces and used the Claw to defeat Wise Owl, and free the Swamp Thing.[26]
  • Hawk sold the Claw of Aelkhünd to Otto von Hammer, from whom it would eventually be passed down to his son, Hans von Hammer.[26]
  • Hawk, Son of Tomahawk, began writing his memoirs. The book included a photograph of his frontier friends, including Swamp Thing.[26]


  • Jeff Smith, Time Master, traveled from 1990 to 1874 Oaxaca, Mexico to investigate the Illuminati. Jeff attempted to kill Illuminati member Porfiro Diaz, but failed and was himself shot by Jonah Hex before escaping back to 1990.[29]


  • Cyrus Gold murdered a man named Dugan in Dugan's Alley on the South Side of Gotham City.[30]


  • January 8: Joshua Norton died in San Francisco. Death Herself led Norton to the afterlife.[18]
  • January 10: Joshua Norton's burial was attended by 10,000 people.[18]


  • Cyrus Gold murdered his mother and dumped her into Slaughter Swamp. The souls of the dead rose from the swamp, and haunted Gold.[13]


  • Sheriff Nathaniel Kent of Smallville Kansas appointed Henry Lee Jordan as his deputy.[31]
  • Henry Lee Jordan left Kansas to become a Federal Marshal. He traveled to Arizona, where he befriended the Green Lantern Abin Sur. Abin Sur and Henry Lee Jordan joined forces to stop the alien threat of Devlos Ungol.[32]



  • Jack the Ripper murdered several women in the Whitechapel area of London. It is believed that the Ripper was possessed by a demon named Calibraxis. After the murder of Mary Kelly, The Ripper encountered the Phantom Stranger and fell into an open sewer to be covered in rats.[34]
  • Atom arrived in 1888 via the Time Pool and helped defeat some thieves attempting to steal writer Jules Verne's crystal ball, mistakenly believing it could foretell the future.[35]


  • Hob Gadling met again with Dream and tried to offer him friendship, after coming to the conclusion that Dream was lonely. Dream, however, was offended by Gadling's presumption and stormed off.[36]


  • Emery Zackro was born. He would one day develop Earth's first interstellar rocket. Note: Date of birth indicated on his tombstone.[37]


  • Whip Whirlwind intervened in the child labor practiced at the Schott Toy Factory in New York City, threatening the owner, Archimedes Schott, to make improvements. Instead Archimedes decided to burn the factory down and relocate. The children were trapped inside during the fire but one managed to escape and warn Whip Whirlwind, who rescued them and captured Schott.[38]


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The New 52
The DC Universe heavily changed its continuity into the DCnU following the events of Flashpoint in 2011. This was part of an effort to make storylines more accessible to newer readers, beginning with the New 52. This new timeline combines elements from the DCU, Vertigo Universe and Wildstorm Universe while drastically changing the origins and histories of characters.

Post-Flashpoint Chronology




  • After his wife, Pinney Grundy, commited suicide, Solomon Grundy murdered the men he held responsible for that, and then killed himself, with his corpse falling into Slaughter Swamp.[44]

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