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2-Face-2 is an enemy of Damian Wayne in the future.

2-Face-2 hacked into Gotham City's artificial climate control system, causing it to rain a Monster Serum-Joker Venom hybrid. The majority of Gotham's citizens were morphed into crazed Joker-ized zombies.

He also plotted to use Joker's Joke Book and Professor Nichols' Time Ray to wreck havoc on the timestream, but was stopped by Batman.[1]



Other Characteristics

  • Two-Face-Two was originally mentioned in the pages of Grant Morrison's DC One Million over a decade prior to his first appearance. Batman One Million remarks "Two-Face-Two was finally cured when the second Batman proved to him that, coin-toss by coin-toss, he'd made more good choices than evil ones. Statistics."[2]



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