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2006 was the year of Infinite Crisis, a seven-issue limited series that served as a sequel to the 1985-86 max-series Crisis on Infinite Earths. Hot on the heels of Infinite Crisis, DC began publication of 52, an appropriately named weekly maxi-series that ran for fifty-two weeks. 52 explored the backdrop of the DC Universe without the presence of major heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Storylines from the rest of the titles jumped forward in time by one year, and examined many of the Crisis' lasting effects.

Superman returned to the big-screen in the Warner Bros film Superman Returns. The first live-action Superman movie in nearly twenty years, Superman Returns starred Brandon Routh in the title role, in a movie by Bryan Singer that was an unofficial sequel to Superman II. In September, the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series premiered on Kids WB. The series also featured the character of Superboy, but was referred to as Superman throughout the course of the series as DC lost the claim to the name to the Siegel/Shuster estates.


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