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The following events were published by DC Comics in the year 2007. This does not necessarily indicate that these storylines took place in the year 2007. The passage of time in the DC Universe is nebulous and subject to change and interpretation. Events from historical time periods are indexed under their corresponding years.


Event Source Date
General Zod, Ursa and Non escape from the Phantom Zone and land on Earth. Action Comics #845 1.07
The Atom fights up against a horde of super-villains in order to stop the threat of M'Nagalah. The All-New Atom #5 1.07
Robin talks a young man named Jared Walton out of committing suicide. Robin (Volume 2) #156 1.07
A new Terra arrives on the scene and helps Supergirl fight an Empathosaur. Supergirl (Volume 5) #12 1.07
Raven resurrects the deceased Titan, Jericho, and the rest of the Teen Titans fight Bombshell. Teen Titans (Volume 3) #41 1.07


Event Source Date
Supergirl meets Power Boy for the first time. They help hurricane victims in Mexico, then fight two villains named Gakidou and Sakki in Hollywood. Supergirl v.5 #13 2.07


Event Source Date


Event Source Date
Supergirl begins to develop a romantic relationship with Power Boy. This upsets Owen Mercer who has been pining for Supergirl for some time. Supergirl v.5 #14 4.07
Supergirl gets into a fight with Batgirl and the League of Assassins and learns that her body can generate Sunstone crystal when she is injured. Note: Batgirl's actions are due to being brainwashed by Deathstroke. Supergirl v.5 #14 4.07


Event Source Date
Power Boy proves to be a stalker obsessed with Supergirl and the two get into a physical confrontation. Supergirl v.5 #15 5.07
Sarge Steel orders Tom Tresser and Diana Prince to find and apprehend Wonder Woman for questioning. Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #6 5.07
Circe masquerades as Wonder Woman and abducts Tom Tresser. Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #6 5.07


Event Source Date
Supergirl experiences memories of her father Zor-El and his plans to have her assassinate Superman in the hopes of destroying Phantom Zone wraiths. Note: These were later revealed to be false memories as a result of Kryptonite poisoning. Supergirl v.5 #16 6.07
Nemesis breaks Wonder Woman out of a Department of Metahuman Affairs facility in Portland, Maine. Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #8 6.07
Amazons Attack: Circe resurrects Queen Hippolyta and manipulates her into declaring war on the United States. The Amazon armies of Themyscira attack Washington, D.C. Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #8; Amazons Attack #1 6.07


Event Source Date
Supergirl fights her inner demons, and the mind-controlled Wonder Girl, Robin and Superman. At the end, another Supergirl shows up, wanting to fight Kara. Supergirl v.5 #17 7.07


Event Source Date
Supergirl continues to fight her other self. At the end she defeats it and is approached by the Monitor and his new agent, Dark Angel. Supergirl v.5 #18 8.07


Event Source Date
Pariah makes Supergirl face herself for who she really is. At the end, she makes things clear with Captain Boomerang and they agree to remain just friends. Supergirl v.5 #19 9.07


Event Source Date
Amazons Attack! Supergirl and Wonder Girl attempt to save Air Force One, which has been targeted by Amazons. They successfully bring the plane down, but all aboard are convinced that they are the ones responsible for attacking it in the first place. Supergirl v.5 #20 10.07
Due to the prolonged absence of Adam Strange, Sardath chooses Earthling Champ Hazard to be the new protector of Rann, forcing Strange into retirement. Hazzard proves to be a violent, unstable man, but still manages to endear himself to the Rannians. Countdown to Adventure #1 10.07
Starfire returns to Earth to bring back Buddy Baker's jacket. She stays at the Baker home to recuperate from her long space voyage, but finds that she no longer has her powers. Countdown to Adventure #1 10.07


Event Source Date
Surviving members of Lex Luthor's Everyman Project begin exhibiting adverse psychological side-effects from their meta-gene treatments. Infinity Inc. v.2 #1 11.07
Natasha Irons evaporates before her uncle's eyes. John Henry Irons enlists the aid of Superman to determine what happened to his niece. Infinity Inc. v.2 #1-2 11.07-12.07
Countdown: Supergirl teams up with Karate Kid and Una to fight Equus at the Colorado/Nebraska border. After the fight, Supergirl begins to recall memories of her time spent in the 31st century. Supergirl v.5 #21-22 11.07-12.07
Animal Man's powers continue to grow out of control as he tries to stop a group of thugs. However, he does manage to use them to aid Starfire in diverting a traffic accident. Countdown to Adventure #2 11.07
On Rann, select individuals begin demonstrating acts of violent rage. Champ Hazzard resorts to extreme violence to quell a peaceful protest. He also begin murdering any Rannian who disagrees with his methods. Countdown to Adventure #2 11.07


Event Source Date
Hope Taya enters the Witness Relocation Program to escape an abusive husband. She changes her name to Maya Andrews. Infinity Inc. v.2 #2 12.07
Dale Smith murders fellow Everyman Project beneficiary Sally Dwyer. Infinity Inc. v.2 #2 12.07

Alternate Realities


Event Source Date
Monarch recruits Forerunner into his army. Forerunner tells Monarch the history of her people. Countdown to Adventure #1 10.07

Earth-10 1.jpg

Event Source Date
Under Monarch's guidance, Forerunner travels to Earth-10 and battles the JLAxis. She manages to defeat Superman (Earth-10) with Kryptonite throwing darts, but allows him to live. Countdown to Adventure #2 11.07
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