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2008 marks the end of two imprints: Wildstorm publishes World's End to conclude the series, while Milestone's assets become part of the DC Universe proper.

Barry Allen returns from the dead in DC Universe #0, just in time for Final Crisis. This massive storyline, billed as "the day evil won", sees Darkseid invade Earth, and kill and enslave many heroes and villains. Spawning several tie-in miniseries, it ends the next year with most of the New Gods, including Darkseid, dead. Batman is sent adrift in time, believed dead by his friends in the present.

The War of Light rages on, introducing the Orange, Blue, Indigo and Red Lantern Corps. Superman starts the New Krypton era, where the restoration of the bottle city of Kandor leads to an all out conflict between Earth and its new sister planet, New Krypton.

The highly succesful sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, opens in July. It has the best opening superhero for a comic book movie, and wins two Academy Awards including one for the late Heath Ledger as the Joker.


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