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2009 brought to a close Final Crisis, the last of a series of multi-part crossover events, the roots of which, extended as far back as the original "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

Hot on the heels of Final Crisis was "Faces of Evil" a string of themed one-shot and regular series issues that spotlighted the more infamous super-villains of the DCU. Following Final Crisis and Faces of Evil, DC introduced a cornerstone event titled, "Origins and Omens". Origins and Omens was a back-up bonus featured in regular monthly issues that re-examined the origins of major characters in the DC Universe.

The major summer event of 2009 was the cosmic-spanning storyline "Blackest Night". Primarily involving characters from the Green Lantern family of titles, "Blackest Night" was the pivotal climax of the larger "War of Light" saga, which had been steadily gaining momentum since 2007.

Both the "Bat" and "Super" titles expanded on their previous storylines with multi-part arcs that extended into the summer season. Following "Batman R.I.P." was the seven-part "Last Rites" storyline which led into the greater "Battle for the Cowl" event – which eventually saw former sidekick Dick Grayson don the cowl of Batman while reluctantly taking Bruce's son, Damian Wayne, as the new Robin. As part of this "Batman: Reborn" event, the previous Robin, Tim Drake, assumed a new identity – Red Robin.

In the Super-verse, Superman decided to keep a closer eye on the affairs of New Krypton and voluntarily journeyed to the planet to become part of the Kryptonian military guild under General Zod. Leaving Earth a "World Without Superman", several heroes emerged to fill in the void.


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