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2011 sees a line wide reboot, the New 52. After Flash rewrites the timeline in Flashpoint, his fix of the timeline creates a new one instead: the New 52, also known as Prime Earth and DCnU. In this new universe, the Wildstorm Universe and Vertigo Universe are merged into the new timeline. All titles - including Action Comics (Volume 1) and Detective Comics (Volume 1) are cancelled and starting in July, 52 new titles premiere. Character origins are changed considerably, and super star creative teams take on the titles.

However, it was marketed as a soft reboot and many former events like the War of Light and The Killing Joke were still canon. Batman retains all his male Robins, but Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown are ignored. Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again - recovering from her injury and continuing her vigilante career.

The marriages of Clark and Lois and Barry and Iris are broken up, with the heroes pursuing different love interests. Wonder Woman is turned into a demi-god, daughter of Zeus, and given a relationship with Superman.

DC finally drops support for the Comics Code Authority, which most of the competition had done in the years before. They also renovate digital releases, making paper and digital issues available on the same day.


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