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The police track a criminal to the EXP-7 building in the Central City complex. They try to stop them, but fail to prevent the perpetrator from using a time-transporter to leap into the timestream.[1]

Eobard Thawne was a wealthy young man and science teacher[2] living in the 2460s. He longed for the heroic age of the 20th century. Foremost among the super-heroes, in his mind, was Barry Allen, the second Flash. He worshipped him as a hero and as a friend. He knew everything about Barry, keeping a collection of memorabilia about his hero. At the center was Barry's biography, The Life Story of the Flash by Iris Allen. Barry's life became as real to Eobard as did his own. He underwent a Plastomorph operation to make himself look like Barry. One day, he came across Barry's cosmic treadmill in an antique store. He killed the cashier in order to acquire this Holy Grail of Flash collectibles. Now, Eobard had the means to meet his idol. All he had to do then was to somehow duplicate the reaction that gave Barry his superspeed. The ordeal cost him his fortune and shaved years off his life, but he know had the chance to become Barry's friend and partner. Grabbing the biography for an autograph, Eobard set off to the 20th century on the treadmill.

Michael Carter managed to get a job as a security officer for the Metropolis Space Museum, where he saw images of superheroes from the 20th century that were legends in his time. Deciding to change his life and become a superhero himself, Michael stole some artifacts from the museum as well as the security robot Skeets and used Rip Hunter's time travelling machine to travel back to the late 20th Century. It is there that he made his public debut saving the life of the President of the United States from the Chiller as the new superhero Goldstar. Nervous Michael misspoke himself on live television and got stuck with the name Booster Gold instead.


Knights of the Galaxy: Although the Knights of the Galaxy appeared during the Silver Age/Earth-One era of publication, they existed in a possible future reality in the 25th Century, which is not necessarily the canonical future of Earth-One continuity.

Earth-Two (and New Earth)

Knodar, a citizen of the year 2447 AD in a possible future where crime is a thing of the past and all of society's needs are met by machines, rebelled against this sterile system by becoming the 'Last Criminal', but was soon caught, and placed in a cell in a customized prison uniform. He time-traveled to the past and fought some superheroes, as Golden Age Green Lantern, Infinity Inc., and the World's Finest. Once that there are other criminals in 25th Century, the role of Knodar and his background in Post-Crisis is to be seen.



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