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"Golden Lads and Lasses Must...": Day 1

Quote1 Tomorrow is the defining moment of the century and I'm gonna be part of it. Quote2
Booster Gold

52 #1 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2006. It was published on May 10, 2006.

Synopsis for "Golden Lads and Lasses Must..."

Day 1
In Opal City, the home of Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) has been destroyed. As he sifts through the wreckage, he briefly speaks with Fire on the telephone. The same day finds former Gotham City detective Renee Montoya reflecting upon recent events in her life as she drowns her sorrows at a local bar. In France, Steel helps out with emergency rescue efforts in the wake of the cataclysmic events of "Infinite Crisis."

Day 2
Dibny is still digging, Montoya is still drinking, Steel is still helping.

Day 3
More digging and more drinking. Ralph Dibny appears despondent.

Day 4
Steel, now in St. Louis, continues to help out with relief efforts.

Day 5
In Metropolis, Booster Gold fights and defeats Mammoth. He is less concerned about stopping a dangerous criminal, however, than he is about playing up his reputation before the TV news crews. A fully reconstructed Skeets aids him in improving his PR. Booster, thanks to information from the future supplied by Skeets, believes that tomorrow is fated to be the day that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman usher in Earth's greatest era of heroism.

Ruminating over his late wife Sue, Ralph Dibny contemplates taking his own life. But he receives a timely message that informs him that someone has defaced Sue Dibny's tombstone.

Steel, back in Metropolis, has an argument with his niece, Natasha. Natasha wants to join the Teen Titans, but Steel doesn't feel that she is responsible enough. He uses a remote control to disengage Natasha's armor.

In Kahndaq, Black Adam addresses his people. He promises to become his country's ambassador of justice. A terrorist tries to disrupt the assemblage with a suicide bomb, but Adam swoops down and pulls the man high into the sky. The bomb explodes harmlessly in the air, but the terrorist has his arm torn off by Black Adam.

Day 6
Doctor Sivana is kidnapped from his laboratory. Mister Mind is left behind.

A large assemblage of heroes gather together for a memorial service in Metropolis. A large bronze statue commemorating Superboy's heroic sacrifice is placed next to city's statue of Superman that had been erected when he was presumed dead. Clark Kent is present among the press corps, but appears to no longer possess his Kryptonian powers.

Booster is befuddled when neither Batman, Superman nor Wonder Woman appear at the memorial service.

Day 7
In Gotham City, Detective Montoya returns to her apartment after a night of heavy drinking. We learn that her lover, Daria, left her three months ago.

The Question removes the bat-shaped vellum from the bat-signal and replaces it with a large question-mark. He shines the "Question-Signal" at Montoya's apartment.

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  • 52 was a fifty-two issue limited series, published on a weekly basis. The series was designed to fill the continuity gap between Infinite Crisis and the One Year Later event.
  • This issue is reprinted in 52 Vol. 1 of the 2007 4-volume edition, 52 Volume One of the 2016 2-volume edition, and 52 Omnibus.
  • The splash page on story pages 18-19 has one as of an as yet unidentified character. He is seen talking with Ray and Manhattan Guardian. He has a blue top/mask and white pants.


  • The opening page contains many splintered flashback scenes, some of which refer to events that took place during Infinite Crisis and its numerous crossover-related titles, and some of which refer to past events in the DC Universe.
  • This issue's title appears to be paraphrased from William Shakespeare's play "The Tragedy of Cymbeline, King of Britain," which contains these lines:
"Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust."

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