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"Stop the Press": Day 1

Quote1.png What ever possessed you to throw yourself out a window to get someone's attention? Quote2.png
Lois Lane

52 #10 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2006. It was published on July 12, 2006.

Synopsis for "Stop the Press"

Day 1
In his ongoing effort to build a new planetary coalition under his Freedom of Power Treaty, Black Adam gathers an international group of superbeings. The fete is interrupted, however, when Adrianna Tomaz briefly escapes her captors and spits in his face.

Day 2
Perry White tears a strip off Clark Kent for not getting the scoop on Supernova before the Daily Star did. He is so incensed, in fact, that Perry hands Clark a notice of termination. Clark, shocked, pleads his case, but when that does not work, he jumps out the window... and Supernova is there to catch him. Clark asks for an interview.

Adrianna Tomaz is thrown back in her room. Black Adam tells her that she is not a prisoner and is free to leave. She starts to do so, but first turns around and tells Adam the he will fail in changing the world. Adrianna attempts to convince Adam of the dangerous course that he seems set upon. Even when Adam tries to be dismissive of her, she stands her ground.

Day 3
Lois tears a strip off Clark for what he did to get an interview. Clark finds this rather amusing, since she had done the same thing to get an interview from him. He tells her what happened when he attempted to interview Supernova -- he did not get many answers, but was first on the scene when Supernova stopped the attempted theft of an army vehicle. Clark still has no idea who Supernova is.

Day 4
And neither does Booster Gold, who is still mad at Skeets for having no information on Supernova. Skeets points out to Booster that the present has altered the future, making it so he has no record of Supernova. Booster launches his own investigation.

Day 6
Will Magnus pays T.O. Morrow another visit at the superprison known as Haven. Magnus tells Morrow that he was recently granted access to Doctor Sivana's lab... and shows Morrow an empty cocoon that he found there.

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  • Experimental All-Terrain Vehicle

Synopsis for "The History of the DCU, Part IX of X"

Donna Troy witnesses the events that led up to Infinite Crisis, touching upon the following storylines and events:

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  • Due to an apparent production error, the cover date says "Sept 12, 2006" - confusing the publication date with the pull date.
  • "Stop the Press" is reprinted in 52 Vol. 1 of the 2007 4-volume edition, 52 Volume One of the 2016 2-volume edition, and 52 Omnibus.
  • Most of the information on the characters from story pages 2-3 originated in a Newsarama.com interview with editor Stephen Wacker.


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