"Batwoman Begins!": Night 5

Quote1 ...that's why you hate yourself, Renee Montoya... because you did the right thing. Quote2
-- The Question

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Synopsis for "Batwoman Begins!"

Night 5
Ralph Dibny tracks down some new members of the Cult of Conner and attacks them in hopes of finding its leaders. He discovers one of the members is just a young girl, and his surprise at this fact allows her to get away. He then receives a message from the caretaker of his storage shed -- who says that someone has broken into it.

Day 6
Renée and The Question meet with Kate Kane and discover that her family does indeed own the warehouse at 520 Kane Street. Kate gives them a lead on the last company to rent the place. With that information in hand, The Question and Renée start to take off. Kate wants to know what is happening, but Renée brushes her off -- to protect her, as Renée explains later. Back at his file-filed van, The Question digs for a lead while revealing to Renée that he knows about the death of her partner and her inability to exact revenge on the man responsible. While Renée ponders that, The Question finds a link to Intergang and a name: Whisper A'Daire. Meanwhile, Batwoman listens from afar.

That night, The Question and Renée break into an Intergang front company and discover that Intergang has some kind of shipment coming in from Kahndaq. The Question and Renée are found out, however, and are left by Whisper A'Daire to die at the hands of shape-shifters. Batwoman arrives to rescue them -- and Renée realizes who she is. Batwoman leaves and asks them not reveal her involvement to the police.

Night 7
Ralph goes to the storage unit of his that was broken into and discovers that a suit his wife used to wear was stolen by the Cult of Connor.

Elsewhere, we see the Cult of Conner has created a "mannequin" of Sue, dressed in that suit, in preparation to resurrect her.

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Synopsis for "The History of the DCU (Part X of X)"

Donna Troy witnesses the climactic events of Infinite Crisis and also discovers that on a "divergent path" (a hint about the storyline in 52), she was supposed to have died instead of Jade. The Orb confirms this -- and so does a Monitor, who appears in New Chronus to Donna's surprise.


  • This book was first published on July 19, 2006.
  • This issue is reprinted in the 52 Vol. 1 collection.
  • This issue does not have a designated title on its credits pages -- but "Batwoman Begins!" suffices.
  • Crispus Allen died in Gotham Central #38, but becomes the Spectre in Infinite Crisis #4.
  • Gotham Central #39 and #40 deal with the fallout from Allen's death, and specifically its impact on Renee Montoya.


  • The cover copy "Batwoman Begins" is a reference to the 2005 feature film Batman Begins.

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