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"Haystack": Day 2:

Quote1.png They want to resurrect my wife... I brought you here to tell me if they can really do it. Quote2.png
Ralph Dibny

52 #13 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2006. It was published on August 2, 2006.

Synopsis for "Haystack"

Day 2:
The Cult of Conner, now with the participation of Ralph Dibny, attempts a ceremony to bring Sue Dibny back to life. Unknown to the cult, Ralph has brought Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Metamorpho, and Zauriel along with him, hoping that the four of them might have special insight on the process of resurrection, since all four have cheated death themselves. The five heroes communicate telepathically via Green Lantern's ring during the ceremony, most of them believing it to be an elaborate con put on by the cult's leader, Devem, but they agree to leave the final call with Ralph.

In Southwest Asia, Isis and Black Adam break up a child slavery ring. Isis successfully convinces Adam not to kill the children's captors. We learn that the now-free children are just some of the many that the pair has freed in the course of Isis's search for her brother Amon.

Back at the cult ceremony, Ralph becomes convinced that the ritual is an elaborate hoax, and the five heroes begin tearing the place apart. Cassie Sandsmark is furious at Ralph for having used her to gain entrance into the cult, but she is quickly subdued by Green Lantern. Suddenly, as the ceremony site erupts into flames, Ralph hears his late wife's voice, saying his name. The effigy of Sue used for the ceremony is crawling towards him, pulling on his robe. Ralph realizes the error he has just made, but it is too late. The heroes are barely able to get everyone out of the burning building in time before it collapses.

Day 3:
Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Metamorpho, and Zauriel inspect the ruins of the collapsed building, searching for the remains of Ralph, who has gone missing. They find nothing, although we do see a wedding ring, presumably the one stolen from Ralph in Week Four, in the rubble. Green Lantern is left worried that if Ralph did survive, there is no telling what the experience did to his mind.

Meanwhile, under a nearby bridge, Ralph clutches the burnt remains of his wife's effigy, repeating "try again" over and over. And from the shadows, someone is watching him...

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Synopsis for "The Origin of Elongated Man"

The origin of the Elongated Man is revealed.

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