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"History Repeats": Day 1:

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52 #19 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2006. It was published on September 13, 2006.

Synopsis for "History Repeats"

Day 1:
Skeets appears in Daniel Carter's apartment and offers him the chance to become a super-hero like his descendant, Booster Gold.

Day 2:
Lobo has brought Starfire, Animal Man, and Adam Strange to a refugee world in Sector 3500, where he has apparently become a religious leader. He offers to let the heroes accompany him on a pilgrimage to the Three Golden Planets. He reveals that the person who put a bounty on their heads is the same that brought the devastation to Sector 3500, and also that he has in his possession the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

Day 3:
In Metropolis, Supernova thwarts a revenge plot by Weather Wizard. He receives some assistance from Wonder Girl. She is suprised when he does not recognize her, as she had assumed he was Kon-El.

Day 4:
In Arizona, Skeets and Daniel arrive at Rip Hunter's laboratory. Skeets has given Booster's visor to Daniel and has wired it so that he can see what Daniel sees as Daniel explores the lab. On a section of one wall, Daniel finds that Hunter had plastered several pictures of Booster and Skeets and had scrawled, "IT'S ALL HIS FAULT," with arrows pointing to Skeets. Upon seeing this, Skeets closes the door to the lab, trapping Daniel inside. The lab's defensive system turns on, opening up a time vortex that sends Daniel to 1,000,000 A.D.

Appearing in "History Repeats"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of Animal Man"

Appearing in "The Origin of Animal Man"

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  • Unnamed alien race


  • "Fishy" might be the name of the space-dolphin featured in this issue, but is probably just a Lobo-given nickname.
  • "History Repeats" is reprinted in 52 Vol. 2 of the 2007 4-volume edition, 52 Volume One of the 2016 2-volume edition, and 52 Omnibus.


  • The ticker-tape on the bottom cover reads, "Supernova meets Wonder Girl!... The New Booster Gold?... Pope Lobo?... "
  • The dates on this issue's cover correspond with milestones both within the DC Universe and in the company's "real world" history:
    • 0: Likely refers to DC's Zero Hour event (actually published in 1994).
    • 1935: New Fun Comics #1 is published. It is the first comic book published by the company that would later become DC.
    • 1938: Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman, is published.
    • 1939: Detective Comics #27, featuring the first appearance of Batman, is published.
    • 1941: All-Star Comics #8, featuring the first appearance of Wonder Woman, is published.
    • 1956: Showcase #4, widely cited as the first comic book of the Silver Age, is published.
    • 1985: Crisis on Infinite Earths is published.
    • 3006: Likely refers to Legion of Super-Heroes stories, which take place 1000 years in the future.
    • 85,271: The setting of DC One Million (one million months after Action Comics #1, actually published in 1998).
  • The "mystery dates" on the cover are 4006 and 5252, and also 200? (half of the second zero and the (presumably) final digit are cut off).
  • A magazine in Daniel Carter's apartment is titled "Worlds Finest Weekly." World's Finest Comics was a monthly DC Comics title published from 1941 until 1986.
  • An advertising poster hocks a product called "Skeetles Candy" and includes a picture of Skeets. This is a nod towards the real-world product Skittles.

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