"God is Fragged": Day 1:

Quote1.png What's the matter? Ya never seen an archbishop regenerate himself from his own blood before? Quote2.png

52 #20 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2006. It was published on September 20, 2006.

Appearing in "God is Fragged"

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  • Ekron (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "God is Fragged"

Day 1: In Gotham City, Supernova has gained access to the Batcave, which he searches.

Day 3: In Metropolis, John Henry Irons keeps a burning building from collapsing while the fire department rescues those trapped inside. Afterwards, Kala Avasti finds him and tells Irons that she has learned that Lex Luthor, in addition to being able to grant super-powers with his Everyman Project, can also take them away.

Day 6: The refugee camp in Sector 3500 is attacked by a swarm of interstellar carrion. Starfire, Animal Man, and Adam Strange do what they can to save the community of planetless aliens, but they have little luck. Even Lobo is ripped apart by the attackers. The Emerald Eye of Ekron rolls free, and is grabbed by an alien, who tries to use it, but is disintegrated in the process. Starfire grabs the Eye, and is successful in using the powerful item to repel the attack. However, Lobo, after regenerating from his own blood, announces that Starfire's action has put them in grave danger and that they must leave at once. The original owner of the Eye, Ekron himself, will coming looking for them.

Appearing in "The Origin of Adam Strange"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of Adam Strange"

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