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"Human Resources": Day 1

Quote1.png I'm sorry, Lantern Xax. We cannot take the risk of exposing our officers to an unknown extra-universal contaminant at this time. Request denied, with honors. Quote2.png

52 #31 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2007. It was published on December 6, 2006.

Synopsis for "Human Resources"

Day 1
On the planet Vardu, Captain Comet attempts to stop the savage attack by Lady Styx. Green Lanterns' Thormon Tox and Xax arrive to lend a hand. The Guardians do not wish to engage Lady Styx at this time so they recall all Lanterns back to Oa. Thormon Tox and Xax remain on Vardu to stop the onslaught. Captain Comet is abducted by Styx and is dissected by her scientists.

Day 2
Back on Earth, Jade talks with Starlight about Everyman and how he creeps her out. Skyman walks in and turns Jade's stomach explaining how Everyman gets his powers. Nat and Skyman share a kiss. When Nat leaves "Skyman" reverts to Everyman!

Day 3
Wonder Girl arrives at Superboy's memorial. Ralph Dibny asks her what she knows about the Everyman Project. She reveals what little she knows and also tells him that Superboy is back and is Supernova.

Day 4
Ralph pays Supernova a visit and reveals what Cassie told him. Supernova says that he is not Superboy. Ralph knows who he is. The clues are there if you know what to look for. Ralph will not tell anyone, especially Cassie, who Supernova really is.

Day 6
On the planet Vardu, Thormon is defeated by Styx's men. Xax is left powerless by the Guardians. And the rest of the planet's inhabitants come under the influence of Lady Styx. Captain Comet is severely beaten and his consciousness leaves his body.

Day 7
Luribel delivers Thormon's and Xax's rings to Lady Styx. Lobo and company witness the end of Vardu.

Appearing in "Human Resources"

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Other Characters:

  • Jodd (Single appearance)
  • Loribel (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "The Origin of Robin"

Secret Origin in this issue is of Tim Drake as Robin.

Appearing in "The Origin of Robin"

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  • The ticker-tape at the bottom of the cover reads, "The first death of Captain Comet!... History in Space!..."
  • On pages 8-9, Jade is incorrectly referred to as "Sierra" (the name of her teammate Matrix).

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