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"Rain of the Supermen": Day 1

Quote1.png I know! I'm shocked! Appalled! Gosh, if only Metropolis had a Superman who could stop this chaos! Quote2.png
Lex Luthor

52 #35 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2007. It was published on January 3, 2007.

Synopsis for "Rain of the Supermen"

Day 1
All the people who had taken part in the Everyman Project lose their powers. The ones that fly come crashing down on top of Metropolis, causing many casualties and massive destruction. Lex Luthor plays dumb as to what's going on. Supernova pays him a visit, but returns to aid in the devastation. The members of Infinity, Inc. the only Everyman Project participants not affected by this tragedy... for now.

Day 2
Several heroes, bring the wounded to a nearby hospital for medical care. Steel tells the Teen Titans that Luthor is behind all this. He took away all their powers.

Day 3
Luthor tells the members of Infinity, Inc. that they are all clean. Their powers are intact. Natasha Irons talks with Jacob Colby about her feelings and the warnings that her uncle was trying to give her. Natasha and Jacob decide to investigate what is going on from the inside.

Day 6
Adam Strange confronts Lobo and finds out that the bounty hunter is planning on bringing them to Lady Styx the bounty she put on their heads.

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  • This issue shipped on January 3rd, 2007 (March by indicia).
  • This issue is reprinted in 52 Vol. 3 of the 2007 4-volume edition, 52 Volume Two of the 2016 2-volume edition, and 52 Omnibus.


  • The ticker-tape on the bottom edge of the cover reads, "Rain of the Supermen!... Lobo's attack plan!... Starlight behind enemy lines!..."
  • During the rescue operation, Jade's hair is colored brown instead of green.
  • The issue's title is an homage to the Superman arc, "Reign of the Supermen".

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