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"Trigger Effect": Day 2

Quote1.png The end is already written! You just don't get it! You had no chance because I was never caught in your spell! You were caught in mine! Quote2.png
Elongated Man

52 #42 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2007. It was published on February 21, 2007.

Synopsis for "Trigger Effect"

Day 2
Renée Montoya sits inside of a dark cavern in Nanda Parbat, meditating. She lights a candle, and gazes at her image refracted against the mirrored walls of the cave. The reflection staring back at her however has no face.

Day 3
Ralph Dibny brings the Helm of Fate to Fate's Tower in Salem, Massachusetts. Armed with the mystical components needed for the spell, he prepares to unite himself with his late wife Sue. The Helm urges him onward, until he places it over his head. He then picks up the Wishing Gun and shoots the Helm, sending it flying off his head onto the floor. The sorcerer Felix Faust rises from inside the Helmet. It has been he who has been guiding Ralph's actions all these long months.

Faust scrambles to his feet and then realizes that Ralph knew it was him all along. Further, the liquid in Ralph's whiskey flask is not alcohol, but Gingold. Empowered once again, the Elongated Man pounces on Felix Faust knocking him to the ground.

He holds the Wishing Gun to Felix's head and asks him why he has been tormenting him. Faust reveals that he bargained with the arch demon Neron for power in exchange for a pure soul. Faust chose Ralph Dibny. Felix knows Neron will soon come for one of them, and tries to escape. Unfortunately for him, Ralph used his knowledge of he had to erect a binding spell, trapping them both in the Tower.

Before long, Neron arrives to collect his prize. In truth, he has little interest in Dibny and only wishes to bring Faust back to Hell with him. Ralph tells him that Faust is his and he has no claim over him. Neron uses his demonic energy to sever Ralph's index finger. He then removes his wedding ring and flicks it at superhuman speed. The ring travels like a bullet and pierces Ralph's chest, killing him.

The Elongated Man has the last laugh however. Having baited Neron to appear in the Tower of Fate, he is now trapped inside the binding circle. With Ralph dead, there is no one to cancel the spell.

Day 7
It is late at night, and Fire arrives at Elysium Cemetery. She sheds a tear over the gravestone of Sue Dibny and places Ralph's wedding ring on top of the marker.

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  • Death of the Elongated Man.
  • The Wishing Gun seen in this issue is the same weapon that Ralph contemplated using to take his own life in week 1.
  • This issue contains a flashback of the death of Tim Trench from week 18.
  • "Trigger Effect" is reprinted in 52 Vol. 4 of the 2007 4-volume edition, 52 Volume Two of the 2016 2-volume edition, and 52 Omnibus.


  • The ticker-tape at the bottom of the cover reads, "Woman without a Face... Dibny beats the Devil... The Fate of Fate".
  • The scene involving Montoya foreshadows events which eventually leads her to assume the mantle of the Question.
  • Ralph ponders a possible bargain with Neron in exchange for Sue Dibny's soul. However, Neron would have no claim on Sue's soul to begin with, as she was not an evil person.
  • This is the first time Fire cried.

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