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"Every Hour Wounds, the Last Kills": Day 3

Quote1.png Now, monster. You are going to answer every question I ask. You are going to tell me where you came from. You are going to tell me who sent you. And then, almighty "Death" -- I am going to spend the rest of the night slowly ending your life. Quote2.png
Black Adam

52 #45 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2007. It was published on March 14, 2007.

Synopsis for "Every Hour Wounds, the Last Kills"

Day 3
In Kahndaq, funeral services are held for Isis and Osiris. The Marvel Family attends the service and assist Black Adam with interring the remains inside of a mausoleum. After the funeral, Renée Montoya addresses Black Adam inside the palace. She tells him that she understands his feelings of guilt for failing to save his family. He reacts violently to her perceived pity and pushes her to the floor. He tells her that he has traced Azraeuz to Bialya. Bialya is working with Intergang and has been providing aid and support to the Four Horsemen project. He tells her that she should return to Gotham City and look into Intergang's actions there.

Day 4
In Bialya, Azraeuz arrives at the presidential palace. The president of Bialya contacts Bruno Manheim and tells him that their partnership with Intergang was supposed to be kept secret. He does not understand why Azraeuz is in Bialya. Manheim sneers and tells him that Black Adam is probably on his way. He concludes the conversation by saying "Nice knowin' ya...".

Moments later, Black Adam smashes his way into the presidential palace and attacks the president. The meek man begs for mercy, and Adam accommodates him by killing him quickly. He then wreaks a path of destruction across southern Bialya. News of his rampage travels quickly, and the United States government labors to devise a means to contain him. At Checkmate, Sasha Bordeaux tells Alan Scott and Michael Holt what is going on, but they all know that nothing will be able to contain Black Adam, and that Bialya is doomed.

At Belle Reve, Amanda Waller tells Atom-Smasher that the Suicide Squad needs to be one-hundred strong. He tells her to count him out. He still has faith in Black Adam and cannot believe that he would actually be responsible for such widespread carnage. Waller reminds him that he is still a convicted criminal, but he gives her a choice: hand over his pardon, or he will tell Alan Scott about the Suicide Squad.

Day 5
Black Adam has been rampaging for a whole day, killing any soldiers who stand between him and his search for Azraeus. The common citizens begin hurling rocks and bottles at him, and he turns his attention toward them

Day 6
At the Great Ten's complex at the Great Wall, August General in Iron informs the team of Black Adam's rampage. He orders them to begin formulating ways to neutralize him in the event of an attack. Thundermind and Accomplished Perfect Physician believe that they should investigate who caused the Four Horsemen to attack. August General says that their priority is the defense of the People's Republic, not investigating the Four Horsemen.

Back in Kahndaq, Black Adam faces off with Azraeuz. Azraeuz tells him that his own strength has intensified with every person Adam has killed. Adam tells him that he is "Death" no longer and barrels into him. Gripping him in his arms, he shouts the word, "Shazam", multiple times, channeling the mystic lightning into Azraeuz as well as himself. He then bashes Azraeuz into the ground, and tells him that he is going to spend the rest of the night interrogating him and watching him die.

Day 7
On Oolong Island, the Science Squad monitors Black Adam's actions. Veronica Cale is nervous that he may soon learn where the Four Horsemen originated. Doctor Sivana tells her that he likely already knows about their involvement and is on his way.

The alarm systems begin sounding off and all of the scientists except for Sivana grow scared. Sivana waves his arms maniacally and shouts, "Bring him on!"

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  • The ticker-tape at the bottom of the cover reads, "Death comes to Kahndaq... Funeral for the Queen... Black Adam Supreme".

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