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"Mad Science": Day 1

Quote1.png Can you believe this so-called artist has incorporated my missing Red Tornado android into one of his awful sculptures? Scam artist, more like! The bastard's making me bid in a humiliating online auction! Little does he know I'm hacking his bank account to pay for it! Quote2.png
Professor T.O. Morrow

52 #46 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2007. It was published on March 21, 2007.

Synopsis for "Mad Science"

Day 1
The members of the Science Squad gather around the monitoring station to watch Black Adam's progress towards Oolong Island. He is only moments away from smashing his way through the island's defenses. Professor T.O. Morrow is the only scientist unconcerned with his rampage. He is more interested in purchasing the remains of Red Tornado off an internet auction. The terrified scientists begin activating the defenses that they personally constructed. Doctor Sivana, the only one besides Morrow not in a state of panic, says that it will only make Black Adam mad. In fact, he is enjoying the "show".

While Black Adam's attack commences, Veronica Cale pulls Will Magnus into one of the unoccupied lab stations for a moment of passion. Afterwards, she can no longer endure the guilt she feels over the part she played in creating the Four Horseman. She tells him that it is no longer about Intergang or Chang Tzu, but that the forces of evil are preparing for a final crisis, and by raising the Four Horsemen, they helped bring it about. She walks outside to await Black Adam's judgment, but ignoring her, he rushes past and smashes into the compound.

With Adam finally in the compound, I.Q. rallies the scientists to fight back against him. Doctor Tyme and Doctor Cyclops try to keep him at bay with their hi-tech weaponry, but this barely slows him down. Finally, Professor Morrow takes a break from his auction long enough to use a remote that unfolds the dimensions of space the size of a football field in Black Adam's mind, which brings him to his knees. Doctor Sivana briefly immobilizes him with a Neuro Crown. Meanwhile, Professor Morrow wins his auction.

Day 3
In Metropolis, Steel, his niece in her rebuilt suit of armor, and several police officers frog-march Lex Luthor out of the LexCorp building. The press corps are present to witness Luthor's downfall, including Clark Kent. Clark grows immediately suspicious and rushes past the police line into the building. Steel follows him, and Clark tells him that Lex would never give up so easily. Clark's suspicions are born out as they find the true Lex Luthor inside of a hidden, lead-lined room. The Luthor in police custody reveals himself as Everyman. Natasha beats him down.

Day 4
In Bialya, the Justice Society of America vainly search for survivors. Green Lantern somberly indicates that he has accounted for over two-million dead. Flash and Wildcat are concerned over the state of affairs in the current super-hero community – specifically the JSA legacy heroes. As if on cue, Atom-Smasher arrives and volunteers his assistance in tracking down Black Adam.

Appearing in "Mad Science"

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  • Bug Baron's Insectrons
  • Doctor Mortis' Super-Hood Mark 2
  • Kombrade Krabb's Neuro Crown
  • Will Magnus' Plutonium Man (inert)

Synopsis for "The Origin of Batman"

As a young boy, Bruce Wayne's parents were slain right before his eyes by a random mugger. Driven by the loss of innocence, he devoted himself to seeking justice. As an adult he trained under the world's foremost martial arts masters. One evening, a bat crashed through the window of his father's study inspiring Bruce to adopt the mantle of the Batman.

Appearing in "The Origin of Batman"

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  • The ticker-tape running along the bottom of the cover reads, "Mad Monster Party on Oolong Island... Luthor vs. the Law..."
  • Chang Tzu's name is mis-spelled as Chung Tzu in this issue.
  • Doctor Sivana says that Black Adam possesses the power of seven gods, when in fact he only has the power of six.

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