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"Eve of Destruction": Day 1

Quote1.png Drop it. I have a particle wave ray gun and bipolar disorder! I have no idea what it might do to you if I pull the trigger. Quote2.png
Will Magnus

52 #49 is an issue of the series 52 (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2007. It was published on April 11, 2007.

Synopsis for "Eve of Destruction"

Day 1
The Justice Society of America arrive on Oolong Island. Green Lantern pressures Chang Tzu to turn Black Adam over to them. Chang Tzu has no intention of releasing him, but he is willing to barter for his life.

Chang Tzu goes back inside the compound to check on Will Magnus and his Plutonium Man creation. Magnus explains to him the science behind the responsometer technology. He then releases miniaturized versions of the Metal Men and orders them to attack Chang Tzu.

Meanwhile, the Great Ten set down on the shores of Oolong Island and confront the JSA. They want the JSA to stand down or else risk an international incident. Green Lantern theorizes that Chang Tzu is actually a member of the Great Ten and that they are all in league with one another. He is adamant and tells them that they are retrieving Black Adam and that he will be brought to justice.

Chang Tzu meanwhile attempts to fight off the Metal Men. Doctor Magnus produces a particle wave gun and blasts Chang Tzu's shell, killing him. Professor Morrow enters the chamber soon after, and knows that he has lost. Magnus, sympathetic towards Morrow due to their history together gives him the opportunity to escape justice.

As the JSA raid the compound, Atom-Smasher finds Black Adam in one of Doctor Sivana's laboratories. He frees him from captivity and asks him if he was really responsible for the massacre on Bialya. Adam tells him, "They wanted a war, Albert. I'm going to give it to them" and flies off.

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Justice Society of America"

The origin of the Justice Society of America is briefly recapped in this story.

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  • The ticker-tape on the bottom of the cover reads, "His name is Magnus, Will Magnus... The Diabolical Egg-Fu: Shaken, Stirred and Cracked? Mini-Metal Men missiles...".

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