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The 53rd Earth,[1] also known as Earth 52,[2] is a reality in the Multiverse inhabited by intelligent nonhuman primates, including counterparts of the Justice League.


The early history of the 53rd Earth is mainly unknown: the residents of the Multiverse didn't even know about its existence as it is neither mentioned nor shown on the map of the Multiverse.[3][4] It also appears to be several decades ahead of Earth 0 as, according to Batman's primate counterpart, the secret of immortality was discovered in 2067.[1]

During Barbatos' invasion of Earth 0, a group of superheroes from this reality made telepathic contact with Detective Chimp, revealed to him that they had been watching him for years and told him that they wanted to help him save his universe.

Later, as the Justice League was fighting against Barbatos and his Dark Multiverse forces, Detective Chimp and some alternate Batmen came to help them defeat the invaders; Detective Chimp told Barbatos that the 53rd Earth was responsible for reaching out to the Multiversal heroes.[5]

53rd Earth 0002

53rd Earth during the Dark Crisis

Years later, the 53rd Earth was glimpsed among the many universes that Golden Lantern was observing from his spaceship on Earth 15.[6]

Some time in the past, this reality was visited by The Flash/Barry Allen of Earth 0.[2]

During the Dark Crisis, the people of the universe appear to have all been killed by a massive army of Shadow Demons connected to Pariah and the Great Darkness, leaving it home to little but ruins and a massive Cosmic Tuning Fork.[7]


  • Primate Legion
    • Aquaman's counterpart
    • Atom's counterpart
    • Bat-Ape
    • Titano the Super-Ape
    • Wonder Woman's counterpart


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