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The so-called 53rd Earth, as it is referred to by its residents, is a futuristic reality in the Multiverse which is inhabitated by smart primates.


The early history of the 53rd world is mainly unknown: the residents of the Multiverse didn't even know about its existence as it was not even mentioned nor present on the map of the Multiverse.[1][2]

It populated by primates, who are smarter than the other realities' one, including some alternate version of Earth 0's superheroes. It is also set in a near future as the Batman's ape counterpart stated that the secret of immortality was found in 2067 so that everyone is immortal on this reality.

During the Barbatos' invasion of Earth 0, a group of superheroes from this reality contacted Bobo T. Chimpanzee aka Detective Chimp, revealing him that they have been watching him since he came to exist, and told him they were there to help him save his universe.[3]

Later, Detective Chimp reached the place, on Earth 0, where the Justice League was fighting against Barbatos and his Dark Multiverse's forces. The monkey superhero was backed up by some alternate Batmans from other realities, saying to Barbatos that the 53rd Earth was responsible for reaching out to their helpers.[4]


  • Primate Legion
    • Aquaman's counterpart
    • Atom's counterpart
    • Bat-Ape


  • This reality seems to be based on the JLApe event.

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