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666 was a violent vigilante who is described as a "tattooed, self-mutilated man-machine of destruction" that fought with and alongside Magog's generation of superheroes.

Apparently he had no interest in reformation when Superman returned from his self-imposed exile to force the current generation superheroes to voluntarily join the Justice League, so he and many other metahumans were instead incarcerated at the Gulag constructed by Superman and the Justice League to contain and re-educate them.

Eventually 666 and the metahumans revolted, killing the Gulag's warden Captain Comet and engaging the Justice League in an all-out battle when Captain Marvel used his lightning to break open the facility. 666 died when the bomb dropped by the Blackhawk Squadron to destroy most of the metahumans had been prematurely detonated by Captain Marvel.


  • His named is based on the Biblical "number of the beast" from the Book of Revelation (13:18).
  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations 666 was inspired in the vein of "the old-style punk rockers, with his body-piercings, hairstyle and physical mutilation." His attire are a parody of the British character Judge Dredd's police uniform.