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7-Gorn-7 was a movie creature brought to life by the Control Freak.

When the villain Control Freak used his magic remote control to enter the television, the Teen Titans used a special machine to follow him. Being outnumbered, Control Freak recruited three villains from different TV shows to destroy the heroes themselves. One of the villains was a golden robot named 7-Gorn-7.

7-Gorn-7's first target was Beast Boy. The robot entered the old television show Beast Boy was in and began shooting lasers at the Titan. However, Beast Boy managed to escape with Starfire to a commercial where the Titans regrouped to fight all three assassins.

During the fight, 7-Gorn-7 lasted the longest out of all the villains and used his super laser in an attempt to blast the Titans. Luckily, Cyborg countered 7-Gorn-7's blast with his own energy blast. When the villain's laser proved weaker than Cyborg's, 7-Gorn-7 in turn was blasted and destroyed.[1]

When the Brotherhood of Evil began their purge of heroes, Control Freak was assigned to fight the hero Kilowatt. Among the henchmen Control Freak spawned from his remote was 7-Gorn-7. However, the robot did not last long in battle and was almost immediately destroyed.[2]


  • Laser Projection: 7-Gorn-7 is equipped with multiple laser in his shoulders, chest, and hands. The robot also has a super laser that it will shoot out of its head whenever it feels neccessary.



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