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Quote1 Fine. But you better listen carefully to what A-I has to say about this Extremax. Quote2
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A-I is an alien artificial intelligence who sought the help of Stormwatch to take down Extremax.

Taking control of Engineer's body by utilizing the nanites' technology dispersed throughout her system, A-I commandeered Skywatch and transported it into the Bleed. After a failed attack by Midnighter A-I explained it was a friend who moved Stormwatch into the Bleed to go undetected from a greater threat Extremax and the Kollective.

Agreeing to work together against the coming threat A-I led a team to Earth to distract and steal a sought after artifact from Extremax's Chief Executive Officer Mordak, a lengthy battle ensued but the artifact was obtained. Returning to skywatch with the artifact A-I further explained the threat of the Kollective and concluded that an alliance with Extremax was needed to save Earth from the Kollective. With a team A-I transported aboard Alcazar Astral Extremax's ship where they traded the artifact for an alliance to destroy the Kollective.

Returning Engineer's body and taking a new one A-I was offered a place in Stormwatch but declined due to a past that will catch up to it.





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