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A.K. O'Fallon was a newspaper magnate, the son of the late Senator O'Fallon.

AK's father Senator O'Fallon was in charge of the Joint Congressional Un-American Activity Committee, which caused the Justice Society to disband. When he was killed in a fire, A.K. suspected the Justice Society had caused his death as revenge. A.K. became obsessed with his own revenge. His newspaper, the Capital Globe, helped instigate a Congressional hearing into the Justice Society based on events detailed in the Batman diary. He also funded efforts by Per Degaton, though he considered this a backup plan.

  • This version of A.K. O'Fallon, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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