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Quote1 My other pet rock. Aa of Stoneworld. A moralist. You think about "higher code". Keep us all honest. Quote2
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Aa was a Green Lantern from Sector 904.


Aa is one of the more passive members of the Pumice People race of Stoneworld. When Hal Jordan attempted to restart the Green Lantern Corps, he sent one of his rookies, Brik, to draw in new recruits. Brik selected one member from each of Stoneworld's two most dominant races: Aa of the Pumice-People and Kworri of the Obsidian-Folk.[1]

Shortly after being recruited, Aa, Kworri, and Brik, an later Hal, were captured by Flicker, an agent of the Pan-Galactic Placement Services corporation. As a "cosmic headhunter", Flicker intended to sell the up-and-coming Green Lanterns to a race known as the Quanhooga. Hal broke free of their controls and rescued Aa and the others, discovering that this corporation knew the location of the disappeared Star Sapphire.

Hal's focus soon shifted toward finding his former lover, and Aa questioned him for his "personal quest." Her rival, Kworri, was quick to point out that beings such as Aa would always second guess Hal's leadership potential while Kworri himself swore undying fealty towards Hal and the Corps. Hal told each of them that after they resolved the affair involving Star Sapphire, he would select either Aa or Kworri to serve with him in the Green Lantern Corps. The other would return to Stoneworld.[2]

When the Green Lanterns found Star Sapphire, it was Aa's resolve to do the right thing that saved Carol from dying at Flicker's gunpoint. This sense of duty was what convinced Hal to admit Aa to the Corps, although he already knew from the moment they met that he would choose Aa over Kworri. He appreciated Aa's ideals and that she persistently questioned authority, an attitude not altogether different from that of Hal Jordan himself.[3]

Green Lantern Corps

Aa accompanied Hal and the other recruits back to the Corps' base of operations on Oa where Hal showed them the great Book of Oa - a tome which included all knowledge relating to the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps.[4]

Aa was present when Kilowog hosted a GL camping trip in which he regaled the other raw recruits with tales of the Fluviaats known as Dob Zagil and Lin Canar.[5]

Under Kilowog's guidance, Aa and her teammates became involved in a fracas between Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire, both of whom had fallen under the possession of Eclipso at the time. Like the others, Aa survived the encounter with minimal injuries.[6]


Aa served with the Green Lantern Corps for a short while, but soon grew dissatisfied. She did not like having to accept the unwavering omniscience of the Guardians of the Universe and base her life on "faith and unprovable cosmic predictions."[7] She eventually quit the Corps, opting instead to join the Darkstars under the leadership of the Controllers. By Aa's rationale, the Controllers merely asked them to protect planets, leaving their enforcers free to explore the cosmos, seeking out their own answers. As a Darkstar, Aa came into conflict with her former allies in the Green Lantern Corps during the "Trinity" affair on the planet Maltus. She engaged in one-on-one combat with her former mentor Hal Jordan, and attacked him with a point-blank yellow maser blast to the face.[8] During the crisis, the Green Lanterns and Darkstars had to join forces to defeat the Triarch. After the battle, Aa and Hal Jordan made amends, and Aa admitted that she still respects and is grateful toward him.[9]

Aa's current whereabouts are unknown. The Darkstars were decimated by Grayven, but it is possible that Aa left them before then. She has not been mentioned in the new Green Lantern Corps due to the fact that she may be dead.


  • Indomitable Will: Aa possesses an exceptionally strong sense of will, a required trait for induction into the Green Lantern Corps.


Aa herself did not possess any weaknesses, but her Green Lantern Ring was powerless against material that was colored yellow.


  • Darkstar Exo-Mantle: As a member of the Darkstars, Aa wore a traditional Exo-Mantle battle armor which afforded her various abilities including flight, twin palm masers, a maser cannon, enhanced physical traits and a personal force field.
  • Green Lantern Power Battery: Aa possessed a standard Green Lantern power battery as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. With this tool, he was able to recharge her Green Lantern Ring's power reserves every twenty-four hours. Aa surrendered her ring and power battery when she quit the Green Lantern Corps.


  • Ring-generated flight capabilities.


  • Green Lantern Ring: As a Green Lantern, Aa wielded a traditional Green Lantern Power Ring. The ring was capable of creating light wave energy constructs and enabled the wielder to fly at great speeds and protected them from the vacuum of outer space. The power of the ring needed to be recharged once every twenty-four solar hours and its capabilities were limited only by Aa's imagination and willpower. It's one restriction was that the ring was powerless against objects that were yellow in color.

  • Appearances to the contrary, Aa is actually a female. Other characters refer to Aa as "she/her":
Quote1 "You waste your time with Aa. It is the same with all her Pumice-People." Quote2



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