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Quote1.png The teachings of Yuga Khan were both right and just. They should not have been cast aside. The Anti-Life was his power to bring order and that power is now my right. I need it to spread his word to the farthest corners of the multiverse. Quote2.png
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Lord Aagog is an Apokoliptian cult leader who claims to be the Yuga Khan reborn, and held a fragment of Anti-Life Equation.[1]

He believes the Fourth World to be corrupt, and works toward a return to the old ways. His holy scripture is based on a one-sided canticle called the Final Day, where Yuga Khan was the righteous god that was struck down by the usurpers Darkseid and Highfather -- Khan was stabbed in the back.

Lord Aagog's aim was to possess the full Anti-Life Equation to spread his word across the universe; and he recognized Anti-Life in Dreamer Beautiful of the Forever People. Dreamer foresaw that Aagog would sacrifice her to the Cult of Yuga Khan,[2] and Aagog was obsessed with doing so.




  • Book of Yuga Khan



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