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Aaron Babcock was an uncle of Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) who lived around 1910.

Born in Salem in the late 19th Century, Aaron was marked with the sign of Caul. Usually that meant gift in second sight, but for Aaron, it was a mechanical aptitude, something his father, a successful lawyer, did not support. When his sister Celestine started displaying mystical properties, he helped her with them and started studying the occult. After the death of his father and his graduation from Yale, he toured Europe with Celestine, expanding her mediumistic powers. But it was never enough for him.

They returned to Salem, where Babcock became an industrialist and with mysticism and his machines, attempted to get his closure: revive their dead father so he might finally earn his approval. When a time-displaced Doctor Fate came to their house, he stole the Amulet of Anubis for the revival ritual. Fate dissuaged him, which lead to the delirious Babcock to reunite with his father in death instead. As Fate travelled with them to the afterworld, Babcock pleaded with his father to join him in life. His father apologized for the errors of the strict upbringing he gave Babcock, but felt revival was evil. Babcock reneged and joined his father instead, after assurances from Fate that Celestine would join them, in due time.