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Aaron Cash was a hospital guard at Arkham Asylum.

Living Hell

Cash shared a somewhat tense romantic interest with Arkham psychiatrist Anne Carver, who was eventually murdered by a detainee named Jane Doe.[1] He once lost his hand in a confrontation with the Killer Croc and has used a prosthetic hook ever since.[2] He eventually learned that Junkyard Dog had kept his severed hand, eventually using it to open fingerprint-secured locks and escape during a massive, hellish asylum riot.[3]

Cash managed to escape the building and intended to turn on the Bat-Signal for assistance during the riot, until the spirit of Anne appeared to him. She instead made him follow Warren White, and he saw that demons have taken the Asylum. The spirit encouraged Cash to fight against the group of demons and help save lives. Emboldened her her plea, he stood up to the horde, ended up assisting Dr. Jeremiah Arkham as well as Etrigan, who had arrived to the scene after Jason Blood caught wind of the incident.[4]

Rebuilding of Arkham Asylum

After the Asylum is destroyed by Black Mask, Cash became heavily involved in the rebuilding spearheaded by Dr. Arkham.

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Other Characteristics

  • Cash has an alligator skin wallet made out of a piece of Killer Croc's hide.
  • His Arkham Asylum Functional Registration Number is 893490.



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