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Aaron Cash was a hospital guard at Arkham Asylum.

He shared a somewhat tense romantic interest with psychiatrist Anne Carver. Carver was later murdered by a detainee named Jane Doe.[1] In one of his memories with Dra Carver, he remembers when he lost his left hand by the Killer Croc, and has used a hook in his left hand ever since.[2] Aaron discovers in the middle of the chaos of the Arkham Junkyard Dog was using his left hand that he lost against the Killer Croc, to escape using his hand to open the doors.[3] He enters through the vent to get to the roof to turn on the Bat-Signal but the spirit of Anne talks to Aaron and makes him follow Warren White, he sees that demons have taken the Asylum but the spirit of Dra Carver encourages Aaron at the time of the circumstances to fight against the group of demons, where in the process he ends up freeing Etrigan and saving Dr. Jeremiah Arkham.[4]


  • Cash has an alligator skin wallet made out of a piece of Killer Croc's hide.
  • Arkham Asylum Functional Registration Number 893490.



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