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Quote1 He's right. Arthur is almost done for. I'm going to take down Dr. Steampunk While we still have a chance. Quote2
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Aaron Cole is the pilot of The Living Room and grandson to Operative.

 Main article: Aquaman and the Others: Legacy of Gold

While at an Operative base Aaron was flirting with Other's team member Sky Alchesay. When him and his grandfather get into an argument the three are attacked by monstrous sea creatures. Holding his own before being taken out by an electric eel, Aaron and the others are taken into the Ghost Lands by Sky where Aaron is left with Usan to be healed.

During a mission with The Others the Living Room was attacked and blown out of the sky. After safely making it to the ground with the help of Sky and the Dream Lands, The Others learn of the kidnapping of Sayeh, former Other's member Kahina's sister. Making their way to the home of Anton and Darya Solokov in search of their friend, Aquaman found himself partnered up with Aaron. Towards the end of their search they manage to find Sayeh but she is reluctant to leave with them because of visions she's having of an evil future Aquaman, calming her down they head to an exit but are confronted by Legend.

Aquaman is stabbed by Legend and Aaron gave his shirt to Sayeh to help stop the bleeding, Aquaman instructed Aaron to take Sayeh and find a way out but he would not leave his side. Shortly after some of the others manage to find them and begin to battle with Legend and the Solokovs but are not enough to take them down despite Aaron's valiant effort and threats. The Team was saved with the arrival of Ya'Wara and Vostok-X.





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