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Aaron Helzinger, later known as Amygdala, is a Gotham City citizen who was used by Hamilton Dynamics as a subject for Ethan Rogers's brain experiments.

Aaron Helzinger was born in Gotham City with a mental illness which was treated by the Hamilton Dynamics' doctors, including Dr. Ethan Rogers. In order to cure Helzinger's condition, Roger made him be blasted with UV radiations that had a positive effect as they cured his illness: however, the experiment also caused the development of a brain cancer near his amygdala, from which he earned his Amygdala moniker, which made him extremely violent and forced Rogers to put him in a cage.

After Rogers discovered the existence of the Desert Rose, he freed Amygdala and tasked him to retrieve informations about the plant which would have been able to cure his tumor: Amygdala accepted the job and targeted Mary Hamilton and Commander Jacob Kane who were captured and taken to the former's secret clinic.

Amygdala questioned them about the Desert Rose but Mary quickly told him there was no more of the substance in Gotham: after using Kane as a leverage, Mary explained him that the original plant grew up in the Mediterranean island of Coryana and tricked him into calling Luke Fox who sent Batwoman to their location. Later, the Scarlet Knight arrived to the clinic where she fought Amygdala with the help of Sophie Moore, managing to knock him down and allowing the Crows to arrest the villain.[1]


Other Characteristics

  • Aaron Helzinger/Amygdala was portrayed by RJ Fetherstonhaugh.