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Aaron Helzinger was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum for murdering his family with his bare hands.

After being manipulated by another inmate, Barbara Kean, into protecting her from others, Helzinger, Kean and several other inmates were kidnapped from the Asylum by Tabitha Galavan under the orders of Theo Galavan.[1] Several of the murderous inmates, including Helzinger, began calling themselves "the Maniax," and took part in a murder spree meant to cause mass panic in Gotham City, per Theo Galavan's orders. As part of the murder spree, Barbara Kean lured James Gordon away from the Gotham City Police Department building so that several of the other Maniax could murder a large number of policemen in the building, including Commissioner Sarah Essen. Unaware of what was taking place, Gordon attempted to arrest Kean but, as a result, was beaten by Helzinger. After Kean and Helzinger fled the scene, Gordon returned to the GCPD to discover the massacre that had taken place.[2] Helzinger went missing shortly after, and despite the search efforts of Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock, he escaped.[3]

Helzinger was eventually recaptured and sent back to Arkham Asylum.[4] Upon his return to Arkham Asylum, Helzinger was unwillingly used in Professor Hugo Strange's various experiments where he tested whether or not other characters, such as Oswald Cobblepot and Azrael, would kill Helzinger in specific situations under certain conditions. Helzinger managed to survive each experiment.[4][5]

Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Due to his weak mental state, Helzinger has minimal intelligence and is said to have the mind of a child.

Amygdala is portrayed by Stink Fisher.