Abednego Danner was the grandfather of Iron Munro.

Abednego Danner was a biology professor at a local college in Colorado. For fourteen years, Abednego was fixated on the "chemical altercation of human destiny." He first tested his formula on a pregnant cat in which it gave birth to a bullet-proof and ferocious feline. After the cat killed a grown heifer, Abednego poisoned the cat and, after realizing the harm his formula would do, decided to lock away his formula from ever being used.

But that decision did not last when Abednego's wife Matilda became pregnant and he was tempted to inject the formula into her while she was drugged in the hopes that his progeny would become, in his words, "the first of a new and glorious race." Eventually, their son Hugo was born and weeks after his birth developed abnormal strength. Abednego raised Hugo and taught him how to properly use his powers and as well as warning him from revealing his powers before the public.

By the time of Abednego's death, he decided to give Hugo his notebooks containing his life's research that made Hugo and allowing his son to continue his work.


  • This character is an adaptation of Professor Abednego Danner, a character from the novel Gladiator by Philip Wylie published in 1930. More information can be found in the Wikipedia.org articles Gladiator (novel) and Philip Wylie.



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