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The Tattooed Man was an enemy of Green Lantern.

Abel Tarrant was a criminal in Coast City who was tattooed with radioactive ink, which allowed his tattoos to come to life. Green Lantern had multiple fights with him, one of them when Tarrant broke out of prison on his mother's birthday. The three tattoos under his control where a lion, a patriotic superhero named "Major Trouble", and a robot disguised as a trash can. Green Lantern used leftover ink from earlier fights to inject his own tattoos into Tattooed Man, which counteracted the ones Tarrant had wanted to use. He had only one tattoo he didn't use - a heart with "mom". Before dragging him off to jail, he allowed him to bring his mother a birthday present.


  • Body Art Animation: The Tattooed Man's body is covered with various tattoos that Abel can animate and control simply by touching the region of his body where the tattoo is located. The effects discontinue upon Tarrant's command or if he should happen to be incapacitated.



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