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Abigail Fine was a student at Smallville High, with a severe skin condition, which caused her to be the victim of bullying and nicknamed "Scabby Abby" by the other kids.

However, during the summer, before her senior year, she decided to do something about it and agreed to allow her mother, a plastic surgeon, to give her an experimental treatment. The treatment cured her skin condition and resulted in the boys, who had previously been mean to her, to become attracted to her. One of them even tried to fool around with her. However, the experimental treatment proved to have an unexpected side effect. After the boy kissed her, he began to suffer from horrific hallucinations and ran in front of a car.[1]

Abigail begged her mom to fix it, but her mother began to manipulate her, by claiming that the treatment was only temporary and that she'd need additional treatments to maintain her flawless appearance. Under orders from her mother, Abigail reluctantly placed Lana Lang, a possible witness, in a coma. However, Abigail's mother was later exposed and arrested, with Abigail's victims being returned to normal. Abigail returned to school a week later.[1]


  • Abigail Fine was portrayed by Brianna Brown.
  • While Abigail technically only appears in "Façade", the episode establishes that Abigail had been the mascot for the Smallville Crows, during her freshman year.[1] Making all appearances of the mascot, retroactively, an appearance of Abigail.