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Quote1 Doctor Crane kept me in a box screaming for months, pumping each new iteration of his fear toxin in, perfecting it to use on Batman. I know uncomfortable, Batwoman. And I know deep down that you and Bats are just like us. You experienced something horrible that fractured your mind, and now you're terrified what will happen if you stop fighting. But I can take that fear away... this toxin blocks all fear from the mind... Without that cloud, tell me, do you really want to be doing this? Wouldn't it feel better to just give it up and go home? Quote2
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Abigail O'Shay, going by the name Madame Crow, is a member of the Victim Syndicate, and a former victim of Scarecrow.


Abigail O'Shay was a student who wrote her doctoral thesis on vigilantes like the Batman Family, which she called the "cape and cowl" crowd. She was fascinated by kind of trauma a person would have to go through in order to fight criminals in the manner that they did. Before long, she found out for herself. Kept as the test subject of her own professor, Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow, O'Shay was given many iterations of his signature fear toxin to test its readiness to use on the Batman. Even after being saved, she spent more than a year in Arkham Asylum recuperating from Scarecrow's experiments. Blaming the Batman for her trauma, she joined the Victim Syndicate with the intention of making sure no one has to feel the same fear she did ever again.[1][2]

Victim Syndicate

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Long after Abigail's imprisonment due to her involvement with The First Victim's Victim Syndicate, she was shanghaied into Task Force X by Amanda Waller. Abigail was part of a Suicide Squad raid of a secret Powers Laboratories,[3] where she combatted Task Force Z and Powers' security forces. After which she informed her squad leader KGBeast that the lab was secure, however Task Force Z member Mister Bloom was missing.[4]



  • Paralytic Toxin: Madame Crow had access to a paralytic that could be released through one of the needles on her hand, enough to temporarily paralyze Batman.[1]
  • Anti-Fear Toxin: In a reversal of Scarecrow's toxin, Madame Crow has a set of gauntlets that fire needles filled with "anti-fear" toxin, which removes fear in the hope of keeping people from fighting to avoid their own trauma.[2]

  • Batman: The Victim Syndicate



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