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Able Crown is a crimelord from Gotham City.

He heads up the many street gangs which form the Burnley Town Massive. He also owns an orphanage, the Able Crown Youth Center, which is destroyed by Kyle Abbot in an attempt to kill Batman. However, he believes it was destroyed by the Colombians. With this false information he is controlled for a short time by madman Ra's Al Ghul and his agent Whisper A'Darire. Able discovers Whisper has the ability to shapeshift. He then blows the operation's cover to the Gotham City Police Department.


Able Crown and other crimelords are fooled by a hastily, badly implemented plan that Spoiler discovers in Batman's files. The meeting, which is supposed to result in Able and the others falling under the control of Matches Malone, a Batman cover identity, goes badly due to Batman not actually being involved. High tensions result. Able goes for a cigarette and is assumed to be reaching for a weapon. A firefight breaks out, leaving Able and many other crime bosses dead.


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