Abner is a mentally ill henchman of the Joker who fights Batman and Robin during the events of Dark Knight Returns. He is a talented explosives expert. Two-Face commissions him to help with a terrorist attack for ransom, but Abner sabotages the device so the bomb will blow up prematurely and kill him. Batman is able to rescue Two-Face and the bomb explodes inside of a helicopter thousands of feet in the air.[1] Bartholomew Wolper declares that the Joker has recovered from his insanity and releases him from Arkham Asylum, going on to do talk show guest appearances. Abner uses a flying bomb in the shape of a small child to murder an entire studio audience while Joker escapes police custody. They visit a carnival where he assists the Joker in massive slaughter until they are broken up by Batman and Robin. Robin fights Abner on a roller coaster, and he manages to start choking her until he is decapitated by the ride.[2]




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