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Abner Girdler was a specialist in urban planning and new transportation technologies at Technodyne. He proposed to build a monorail in Manchester, Alabama, but the project was scrapped at the last minute by the county transportation commissioner, Clifton Burdett. Having lost the lucrative contract, Tehnodyne faced bankruptcy, and CEO Leo Nordstrom fired Girdler.

Burdett later ran for mayor, and Girdler decided to sabotage his election by donning the guise of Gridlock, equipped with technology able to steal the kinetic energy from people and objects, leaving them in a stasis for about an hour. Gridlock kidnapped Nordstrom and froze most of Manchester, but was eventually defeated by Impulse.


  • Konstruktor 3000: Gridlock rode of a hoverbike.
  • Gauntlet: Gridlock wears a gauntlet that drains the kinetic energy from people, animals and objects, bringing them to a standstill for about an hour. At maximum range, his gauntlet could affect an entire city.

Enemy of Impulse