Quote1.png I'm from the future. You don't believe me? Let's see, uh, 2017. Hmm. How are things going on with your doomed love, Iris West? Or your greatest foe, Savitar? Quote2.png
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Abra Kadabra was a time traveling criminal from the 64th century, who outfitted his body with nanotechnology that gave him powers that resembled magic, including the ability to breach between realities.

He claimed that he and The Flash were old enemies, and was knowledgeable about Barry's personal life and other enemies. Abra Kadabra sought to return back to his original time, traveling to Earth-19 and killing the partner of Gypsy to steal the technology needed. Abra Kadabra went back to Central City on Earth-1 in 2017 to steal the final pieces of technology needed, and battled his old nemesis The Flash once again, as well as Gypsy, looking for revenge. He was captured by The Flash, but Abra Kadabra revealed to him that he knew key details about Savitar and would tell the Flash if he was set free and protected from Gypsy. Joe West was willing to take the deal in order to save his daughter's life, but Gypsy interfered as Abra Kadabra escaped. Abra Kadabra was about to escape back to his time but the combined efforts of The Flash, Kid Flash, Gypsy, and Vibe managed to stop him. Abra Kadabra refused to tell Flash the information on Savitar, merely telling him that Savitar was the villain who truly broke the Flash. He was then escorted to Earth-19 by Gypsy.






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