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Quote1.png I'm from the future. You don't believe me? Let's see, uh, 2017. Hmm. How are things going on with your doomed love, Iris West? Or your greatest foe, Savitar? Quote2.png
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Abra Kadabra was a time traveling criminal from the 64th Century, who outfitted his body with nanotechnology that gave him powers that resembled magic, including the ability to breach between realities.


Philippe, the man who will later be known as Abra Kadabra, was born in a possible future in the 64th Century. He married a woman, Amélie, and had a son, Luca. Some time later, he became a techno-wizard and adopted the moniker of Abra Kadabra.

At some point in the future, he and Barry Allen aka Flash became enemies so that he discovered everything about Barry's personal life and other enemies.

Around Spring 2018, Abra Kadabra traveled back in time and was stuck on Earth-19 where he was confronted by the Collector Agency which wanted to arrest him and execute him for not respecting Earth-19's ban on dimensional travel: during the clash with the Collectors, Abra Kadabra managed to kill the partner and lover of Gypsy, also stealing the technology he needed to return back to his timeline.

Eventually, Abra Kadabra moved to Earth-1 where he hoped to find and steal the final pieces of the time-traveling technology. There, he battled his old nemesis Flash once again, as well as a furious Gypsy, looking for revenge. He was captured by The Flash but Abra Kadabra revealed to him that he knew key details about the self-called God of Speed, Savitar, and would tell the Flash if he was set free and protected from Gypsy. Joe West was willing to take the deal in order to save his daughter's life, but Gypsy interfered so that Abra Kadabra managed to escape once again. Abra Kadabra was about to escape back to his time but the combined efforts of The Flash, Kid Flash, Gypsy and Vibe managed to stop him; the techno-wizard refused to tell the Scarlet Speedster the information about Savitar, merely telling him that Savitar was the villain who truly broke him. He was then escorted to Earth-19 by Gypsy.[2]

In December 2019, Abra Kadabra was erased from existence as every possibility in the Multiverse was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor's antimatter wave.[3]


After the Spectre and the Paragons managed to restore the Multiverse,[4] Abra Kadabra and its timeline were also brought back to the existence.[5]

However, Abra Kadabra's life was altered so that his family never existed. Some time after the Crisis, because of his dimensional and time-traveling experiences, Kadabra began remembering events from the old timeline, including the memories of his erased family. He eventually found and used Cisco Ramon's Martian-powered memory ring that made him discover that he actually had a wife and a son before the Crisis.

At some point in the future, he also witnessed Flash fight against the ruthless ruler of Earth, the Chronarch.

In order to avenge his erased family, he traveled back in time to 2020 in Central City and planned to destroy it with an antimatter bomb. He was captured by the A.R.G.U.S. but his techno-magic helped him escape and prepare the bomb: Kadabra was about to detonate it but Barry dissuaded him from doing so as his family would not have wanted it.

After the old enemies reconciled, the Strength Force conduit, Fuerza, attacked Flash, forcing Abra to oppose him: however, Fuerza was able to absorb Kadabra's antimatter bomb energy and murder the techno-wizard with a single punch.[5]



  • It is currently unknown if Abra Kadabra was effectively murdered on Earth-19 in the Pre-Crisis timeline.
    • As he had his memories restored and he did not mention his death, it is very possible that he managed to escape again before the Collectors could execute him.
  • In an alternate reality where the Flashpoint never occurred, the techno-wizard Hocus Pocus went back in time to 2017 to prove himself superior to his Abra Kadabra's counterpart.[6]



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